Monday, February 6, 2012

Now and Then

hi friends! 
i'm sorry for leaving you all alone in the wilderness of the internet... ha. 
i realize there are a zillion other blogs out there, and if your'e reading this at all (hi mama!), i appreciate it. 
i'm doing some serious thinking on this ol' blog o mine--she is almost a year old, you know--and appreciate your patience while i figure some stuff out.

i'd also love your feedback...
what are your favorite types of post? 
what types of post don't interest you at all?
what would you like to see more of/less of from me?

for reals. 

thanks for taking the time! 
see you soon.


  1. That pic is awesome. I'd like more posts about me!

  2. show your vagina?

    just kidding. gross, no one wants to see that..move back to atlanta?

    yes. that. do that above all else.

  3. I like everything you post; the pics, the videos, the inspirational-your-just-like-me stuff... all of it! I look forward to your blog everyday! I found you thru MFAMB. Hang in there : )