Thursday, January 26, 2012

pinbinge thursday...

happy thursday! 
sorry i missed you yesterday.
i attended the premiere of hbo's new show luck last night, 
and was busy busy busy figuring out what to wear, 
arranging babysitters, etc. 
it was an epic party, i must say. 
star-studded, over the top fun. 
watching a show of this caliber, surrounded by the artists who created it, and who care about the art as a medium as much as i do was honestly a thrill. 
i'll share more on that soon. 
in the meantime... 

(all images via pinterest. hence the pinbinge.)

have a wonderful thursday.

ps...yes, I'm still doing the cleanse despite eating a handful of popcorn and having a glass of wine and half a martini at the afterparty last night. 
gotta get back on that horse today!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

hunger games {& snacks}

this evening i enjoyed the luxury of a long, solo drive, and got to thinking about change.

more specifically, the feelings that real change evokes in us.
real change takes time, and can be hard and uncomfortable.
it can make us feel crazed, out of control, 
itchy in a way that can't be scratched. 
or at least it does for me.
i don't like feeling so uncomfortable, especially since i'm already living in a completely new place, still trying to get acclimated to a new routine with new people. 

but tonight it hit me:
 change is supposed to feel this way. 

its ok. 

that tendency to push back, that stubbornness, is natural.
we're human beings, and i think our minds 
and bodies fight against it.

have you ever felt this way?

for me at least, its critical to remind myself that 
this change is happening because i'm choosing to make it happen.
this is good change, and even though it feels strange, 
i know it is right.
it can be hard to accept and make peace with these feelings 
while in the midst of it, but the very recognition of them diminishes their power and helps you regain peace and balance.

i was faced with a ginormous plate of gorgeous, chocolatey goodness this evening in the form of delicious brownies
--they were within my grasp for over two hours--
and the internal struggle i faced was embarrassingly tough.

i could have devoured the entire batch in one sitting, 
but i chose not to eat one. 
and i was hungry
like with that tummy-rumbling, gnawing, i have got to eat something now kind of hunger. 

but then i thought, 
"is being hungry the worst thing that can happen?" 

i then proceeded to ask myself a series of other questions, all leading me to be able to not eat the brownies, and wait until i got home to enjoy a light salad and lots of water. 
it sucked.

do me a favor. wherever you are right now, take in a big breath, and then exhale.
now before you inhale again, just spend a few moments in that space of not breathing. not holding your breath, really, but not inhaling, either.
 feel that semi-panic rise in you as you anticipate when your next breath will come. 
your brain knows you have the power to take a breath, and that you will; yet the panic is there, just the same. 
its like that for me when i'm hungry. 
(i'm still hungry as i write this, but i think my body is more hungry for sleep than for food.)

facing change may be easier for you, 
(for your sake, i hope it is!)
and you have my full permission to laugh at how ridiculous i am for having to use all of my faculties to not eat a damn brownie, but that's how i'm wired. 

i'm learning to be ok with the discomfort.
i'm realizing that by accepting and recognizing it, i can then take another step into the darkness, towards the brilliant unknown of what the next part of my journey holds for me.
towards change. 
bravely going where i have never gone before, 
towards the light i seek.


ps... here's the recipe for the delicious dried fruit and nut balls i've been snacking on this week. delicious!

amy atlas arrives!

this just in!

i got the sweetest email yesterday from lisa hauptman, amy atlas and the lovely people at amy atlas events...
her debut book is available for pre-order! 
if you've ever seen images like these on pinterest or other blogs regarding parties...

they're all amy.

she basically started the dessert table trend years ago, and has been topping herself
--and inspiring entertainers everywhere, myself included-- 
ever since!
i realize i sound like a commercial...but i promise i'm not being paid or anything to endorse this. 
she's just that good.

i can't wait to read the book...
but we'll have to wait until april 24th!
this sucker is jam-packed with 15 chapters of deliciousness featuring 100 recipes for incredible treats, 75 diy craft ideas, and endless inspiration. 

pre-order yours at amazon or b&n online today for only $18.46!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

day four. are you tired of me yet?

you're probably asking yourself one of two questions:
"where was she yesterday? i missed her soooooo!"
(more likely)
"when is she going to be done with this ridiculousness? i'm over the vlogs..."

i was busy in the rain yesterday, sorry. 
i missed you, too.

i'm not sure when i'm going to be done with the cleanse, but i will definitely try and break up the videos so you don't end up hating me and my eleventyzillion facial expressions. 

pinbinge wednesday action mañana. 

are you cleansing? 
are you dirty?
let me hear it.

and in case you were in need of a silly hat fix for the day... 

a few things to note:

*i'm learning to edit as i go along. don't hate.
honestly, i have like five minutes to put these up 
(in between having shoes thrown at my head by one kid, my pants tugged on by another kid asking for a snack, trying to schedule my life and use my pinterest app simultaneously. you dig?)

*"i feel like i could go forever without sugar..." i'm lying. 

*"balls of wonder". yup. i said it.

*finally, and most importantly:
i do realize this is not rocket science, and that there are much more important things going on in the world. 
as i write this, a friend's mother is fighting for her life in the hospital, and i pray she'll be alright. 
this just happens to be a medium that i really enjoy creating (hate watching myself afterward, but that's neither here nor there) and i really love and appreciate you watching!

i got a super rad surprise yesterday that i can't wait to share with you this weekend!!! 

i'm thinking of taking this act on the road; 
the mean streets of la, that is.

you wanna see me learn to surf? 
(insert riotous laughter here)
go shopping on melrose?
climb some awesome rocks?
(that can actually happen)
take a pure barre or trx class?
(again, with the laughter)
ride horses through the canyon at sunset?
take sailing lessons?
drink too much vino and completely embarrass myself on a winery tour? 
give me your honest thoughts and opinions.
really, i can take it!
(i know jenny will comment--TY, sisterwife!--but who else?!)

if you tell me to never make another video again, that's cool. 
but i won't listen. 


Sunday, January 22, 2012

day 3: getting stabby

i don't even know how to word this appropriately...
but things are getting hairy. 
i've read about the "healing crisis" before, 
and can say with certainty that i'm experiencing it. 

my emotions are at an all-time high; 
i'm finding myself grasping for an outlet, and reaching for the water when i feel like i want to eat; 
finding a yoga podcast is now at the top of my to-do list. 

but i made it through the day.

how are you guys doing?!


antioxidant love

ok so. day 2.

not four hours later, i was out and about without an arsenal of healthy snacks, the caffeine withdrawals had taken over, 
and i was a hot mess. 

lesson learned. 

as i said on the video, 
thank you for your support and encouragement! 
these cleanses can be a bit isolating, and having "my people" support me is everything. 
i love hearing about your experiences, any special tips and tricks you may have (the herbal teas are helping!), 
and just that we're in this together. 
it means the world. 

here's the recipe for my newest fave antioxidant smoothie:

(i have since discovered that adding a scoop of sugar-free whey protein makes it heartier & smoother)

martha's antioxidant smoothie
(serves 2)

2 c (9oz) mixed frozen organic berries
1 c unsweetened pomegranate juice
1 c water 

combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth.

*interested in starting this cleanse? its never too late!
research which option looks best for you; i'm doing this one
duh, i'm not a doctor, so please do your homework, 
and listen to your body.


Friday, January 20, 2012

lean mean clean green machine

i'm not great at new year's resolutions. 
hell, i have a hard time with regular change, 
let alone following through on grand plans. 

but alas, i try.

after everyone was sick in my house over the holidays 
(and is again, currently), 
and of course after too much indulgence and not enough exercise during the month of septobernovcember, 
i am desperately seeking a leaner, cleaner physique. 
inside and out.

thus, the cleanse.

everyone and their sister in los angeles is on one.
juicing, cleansing, fasting... living on air and sunshine.
and water.
tons of water.
i've been checking out different types of cleanses for months now, and i think i am finally settled on this one.

i've been eating "clean" for about 2 weeks, with slip ups here and there due to two little ones' birthdays, and the delicious cake & cupcake baking/"tasting" that was involved...
but its time to get serious. 

my amazing sister has been doing this series, 30 in 30, 
where she set a goal to do 30 workouts in 30 days this month, 
at 30 minutes a day, minimum. while she was here over the holidays i got the grand idea to do it with her; 
"its only 30 minutes a day, how hard can it be?"... 
turns out, its harder than you'd think.
especially when your family is sick, you turn another year older, your babies turn another year older, & you have house guests. 
and your dog dies. 
methinks its time to pull my head out of my arse and 
move on


not only am i starting my own personal 30 in 30, i'm also doing the cleanse. 
starting with these green power smoothies....

*dislcaimer: i am fresh from a workout and makeupless... my kids are running around playing in the background... 
i am not a professional. obvs.

while this wasn't a complete success, i'm working on the perfect 
green smoothie recipe. 
until i find it, i think tomorrow calls for berry smoothies for breakfast, butternut squash soup for lunch, & then the kale slaw with red cabbage salad for dinner. 

yum yum. 

ps. seriously. have you tried any cleanses, juice fasts, etc? 
i would love to hear about your experience! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

bunny is six!

bunny's bday carnival

on tuesday my baby turned six!
you may remember the love letter i wrote for her last year; 
the same holds true--and ever more--this year. 
a beautiful day was had, followed by a beautiful sinus infection for me. 
but i'll be fine thanks to my workup of home remedies 
(not to mention some damn fine western medicine)... 
and in the mean time, i'm planning a supertasticwonderfullyicious vintage carnival party for her party to come in a few weeks. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

the dream lives

more important than any awards show, i think you'll agree.

dr. king, you are honored, remembered and revered; 
today and every day.

though we have farther to go in this journey, we have made much progress.

thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.


golden globes recap

if you missed any of the magic last night, never fear!
i've got your shimmering highlights right here.
(part two is strictly fashion-related, and will be here soon.)
ricky gervais ran the show like a boss.
i love his humor, and think people take him way too seriously far too often. the globes are meant to be more laid back than the oscars; there is drinking and socializing going on, people!
lets lighten up a bit, shall we?

some notes:

christopher plummer 
"to my wife...whose bravery and beauty haunts me still"
oh. my. 
how lovely is that?!
laura dern wins for best actress in a tv comedy. 
she is so so soooooo good on enlightened
its uncomfortable and funny and honest. 
its good.
(she's also, apparently, a tad too much like her character...
 but i love the show. can't help it!)

DOWNTON wins!!!
i can't say it enough.
downton abbey is gorgeous, riveting, 
and oh so well-crafted all around. 

kate winslet wins best actress in a miniseries or tv movie. 
(and makes her first public appearance with new love nick rocknroll. yes, that's actually his real name. but don't feel too badly for the lad; his uncle is sir richard branson. 
so he's doing alright. sigh.)
oh, beautiful kate. 
love her. 
a bit safe on the dress, but lovely still. 

kelsey grammar wins best actor in a drama series.
and backstage drops the bomb that he and his new wife 
kayte walls
are expecting twins...!
in your face, crazypants!
all i can think is...
best hide all the sharp things.

oh, and yum.

how funny is jimmy fallon? i don't feel like adam fully appreciated his spot-on jagger impression.
so funny. 

i love you, i really do.
but your speech is a hot mess. 
and what exactly is happening with the fingerless glove?!
(the girls still just wanna have fun, though, wouldn't you say?
hello, cleaveland!)

michelle williams wins best actress in a motion picture comedy or musical for my week with marilyn.
that's funny. the film is neither a musical nor a comedy.
she gives a very sweet speech, thanking her daughter for her "bravery and exuberance", and for "sending [her] off to this job every day with a hug and a kiss." 

i see michelle sitting with her castmates... 
me: "what's busy wearing?"
dave: "what's a 'busy'?"
that's a busy. 

anyway,congrats, marilyn.
i can't wait to see the film. 
peter dinklage wins best supporting actor in a miniseries 
or tv movie! yeah!
he's brilliant in this role.
if you haven't seen game of thrones, you must. 
can't wait for season 2.
he also used the stage wisely; during his acceptance speech he asked viewers to google the name "martin henderson".  upon further research, it appears he is a fellow dwarf who was severely injured when he was recently "tossed" in new zealand. 
acts of this nature are not humorous, and i find it appalling things like this still happen. 
how noble of peter to thank the right people for his award, recognizing the honor, and use the platform for a higher purpose. 

paula patton.
aren't we just a bit much?
maybe she had four martinis too many, or maybe she is just that nice and excited
(honestly, i'm like this in real life, and i know it can be a tad overwhelming for people...)
she is gorgeous, though. wondering where her handsome husband was last night, however...

felicity & bill.
cutest couple ever!

thank you from rescuing us from the typical scripted drivel. 

jessica lange wins best supporting actress for AHS.
(jenny's probably having a fit over this one!)
she is totally gifted, and creepy on that show.
which i can't watch because it scares me.
a lot.

so thrilled for octavia spencer.
she looked beautiful, and won best supporting actress 
for the help
well deserved!!!

matt leblanc wins best actor in a comedy series for episodes.
salt and pepper these days.
still so adorable.

but helllooooooooo, bradley cooper. 
yes please.

sidney poitier presents.

when you get a standing O for just entering the room...
wow. a living icon.
still quite debonair at 84, no?
and of course, congratulations to the venerable mr. freeman, 
this year's recipient of the cecil b demille award.
(no, he's not just for voiceovers, people!)
what a legend.
and so gracious.

modern family wins for best tv series. 
the writing and talent on that show is just so good.
meryl, meryl, meryl.
my goodness, she can do no wrong.
i don't care if she is wearing something ridiculous, 
drank a zillion martinis, and forgot her glasses and her speech.
its meryl.
and i bow down to her. 
clearly i need to see the artist.
it won for best motion picture; comedy or musical category.
and that dog is adorable. 

and then there's gorgeous george.
so talented. so delicious.
and so funny! 
he wins for best actor in a drama film, and his movie wins for best drama film. 
he first comes onto the stage using a cane, making me wonder what had happened to the dear man...
turns out he was roasting brad pitt, who had recently been in a skiing accident.
must also see the descendants

well, that about wraps up the show...
fashion recap to follow!