Wednesday, November 30, 2011

pinbinge wednesday; christmas decor edition!

 taking a break from decorating our home to 
inspire you to decorate yours. 

...and to check out the amazing monkey photo!


tis the season. 
so get to steppin' on the wreaths, garlands, and glimmer...
and go hug a monkey. or a ginger. 
(lucky for me, i live with one, 
so i've got half this equation down.)


(images via pinterst, martha stewart, southern accents, veranda, southern living, & the today show)

milky way

the turkey's been stuffed
leftovers are done
its time to trim trees 
the fun's just begun!

so in love with these images from milk.
so in love with the entire website, actually, and their whole aesthetic. tres adorable, no?

bunny, birdie, & i are decorating today! 
have you begun?


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

late night lingerie


the victoria's secret fashion show airs 
tonight at 10pm EST on CBS.

(miranda kerr kills it.)

oh i'm sorry, you just had a 6 months ago. 
shame you didn't lose all that... wait. 

will you be watching?


photos via google, examiner, cbs news, fashionista blog, wwd

Monday, November 28, 2011


i hope you all in the states had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday; as for the rest of the world, i hope you had a beautiful weekend.
be on the lookout for the christmas and diet push 
from the good 'ol U S of A.
you're welcome.

we had a wonderful, restful weekend, complete with hollywood magic, online shopping, movies, hiking, & date night.
so much to be thankful for.
 gorgeous fall weather in soCal. 
thrilled that we have leaves that change color! 
(kinda breaks up the whole groundhog day thing going on here.)
birdie's thanksgiving finest. 
juicy couture sweater, janie + jack dress & hat. 
and lashes to die for. 
i know.
our lovely meal was relaxing and delicious. 
we had a couple girlfriends whose families live back east join us.
it was divine.
the morning after thanksgiving i took the girls on a hike; 
no black friday madness for us! it was bliss.
except for that 20 minutes we hiked through bramble taller than my 2yr old because we got slightly, er, lost. 
but bliss. really. 
 spotted! bird/hawk/falcon/eagle friend. he was gorgeous!
bunny and oliver in the great wide open.
we had not done the typical "touristy hollywood" stuff yet, 
so saturday we did.
we started with lunch at mel's drive in.
now we can say we've done it. 
there are better places to eat in la, but it was fun.
 the stars on the walk of fame was my favorite part. 
all of the people, the cheap stores selling airbrushed tshirts and keychains and license plates and magnets and a zillion other plastic things make me kinda nuts, but i appreciated the history.

the girls didn't quite know what to think of all of the characters and impressionists on hollywood blvd. they loved seeing mickey though!... like four different times! 
 i never went to disneyworld as a kid; the first time i ever saw it was while running the half marathon. 
it was dark, still lit up with holiday lights, 
and was so beyond magical. 
i'm not usually a character-y person 
(we don't really do character 
clothing/backpacks/whatever around here), 
but the disney world is one that we do enjoy on occasion via 
movies, stories, and dress up. 
that being said, i can't wait to take my girls to disneyland! they're dying to go, and, frankly, so am i. 
until we can get to paris, of course, anaheim will have to do. 
to properly prepare, we shared a little disney love this past weekend at the disney soda fountain in hollywood. 
ice cream sundaes and a browse around the shop was fun, fun, fun.
loved this new line from OPI for the muppets!
more time on the walk of fame... 
this photo sums up my girls in so many ways.
if you live near a pinkberry, you simply must go and try their newest holiday flavor: peppermint! it is delicious!
and speaking of delicious...
last night dave & i experienced a sushi revelation. 

katsu-ya in studio city. 
the little restaurant that could. and did. like a boss, y'all.
our server, tk, was amazing; 
he created a custom 6-course meal that blew us away. 
ridiculously affordable yet insanely delicious.
and, of course, there was cold sake. 

how was your weekend?
did you cook a thanksgiving meal? 

(true story: the first time i made a turkey on my own a couple years ago, i cooked it upside down. the juice all ended up resting in the breasts--enjoy that one--and was honestly super moist and delicious! i now cook them upside down every year.)