Thursday, December 1, 2011

G6 to the 305

happy december, friends.

today i wish  i were flying in this

to go here for the weekend...

i would stay here. 

for obvious reasons.
kelly wearstler rocked this place. 
i am drawn like a moth to the flame.

i'd get spa treatments here.

eat here,

and here,


and here.

and have cocktails here.

i'd pack this...

 as in, almost all of rz's 2012 resort collection.
rachel zoe is killing it in my book.

wearable, accessible, fabulous designs. 
these looks are even better than the barbie i always wanted to dress like when i was a little girl... and now, i can! 
(with, like, 10-inch platforms...
i could do it! i was born in heels.)

i was in the journalism program here, and lived in miami for two years; i loved every minute of it. 
its definitely been too long; time for a visit!

have you ever been to basel? there's room on the jet; lets go!

x double cheek kisses x

(photo credits: rachel zoe, gulf stream, miami hearald, art basel miami, viceroy miami/kelly wearstler, yelp!, and hello metro)


  1. did you even ASK To borrow my jet?

    you can totally borrow it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DUH. you're coming with!!!!!! ohmahgah!

  3. OK- so I have to disagree on soemthing. RZ's clothes are really really really crappy in person. Like Target level quality, but not cheap.

    Other than that- I'm right there with ya!