Thursday, January 26, 2012

pinbinge thursday...

happy thursday! 
sorry i missed you yesterday.
i attended the premiere of hbo's new show luck last night, 
and was busy busy busy figuring out what to wear, 
arranging babysitters, etc. 
it was an epic party, i must say. 
star-studded, over the top fun. 
watching a show of this caliber, surrounded by the artists who created it, and who care about the art as a medium as much as i do was honestly a thrill. 
i'll share more on that soon. 
in the meantime... 

(all images via pinterest. hence the pinbinge.)

have a wonderful thursday.

ps...yes, I'm still doing the cleanse despite eating a handful of popcorn and having a glass of wine and half a martini at the afterparty last night. 
gotta get back on that horse today!

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