Monday, May 30, 2011

thank you

happy memorial day, 
fellow americans!
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my apologies for the lack of posts recently; the end of the school year combined with a wedding weekend--during which one of my dearest friends in the world was in town--has kept me very busy. 
but i'm all yours now! 

and, hey, if you're still out there (american or not--I see you, israel, africa, europe, london, etc...!!!), i really appreciate you reading this. 

whether you're celebrating memorial day by cruising the exotic waters of mustique
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 or panama city beach;
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whether you're poolside like this
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or poolside like this

whether you enjoy a lavish meal
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or simply delicious 'que from a local shop
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whether you sip fine cocktails and champagne
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or the champagne of beers
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we all have so many courageous women and men to thank for our ability to do so.
to those who have fought
to those who continue to fight
we thank you.
My brother and his gorgeous wife at the completion 
of his basic training.
my sis and i stockin up on armysisterloot...
and yes, i have a tendency to look wasian (different from blasian, you understand) when i am tired and wearing no makeup. 
i was in a ginger phase, it seems. 
so proud of my brother, and of all the men and women currently serving our great nation. 
i love you, c! 


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

farewell, oprah

i started watching you when i was 8 years old. 
i have watched you regularly since.
you have influenced me in ways 
i'm sure even i don't realize. 
your words have inspired me my whole life; 
i went to school for journalism because of you. (well, you, and because i thought i could 
get a job at "wild on e!".) 
because of you i take my two young daughters with me to read to a kindergarten class at an 
elementary school most friday mornings. 
because of you i followed my husband's lead to mentor, befriend, and befamily a very special, hardworking, deserving single mother and her five children, whom we have loved for over 8 years now, and will continue to love and watch grow throughout their lives. 
because of you i have been able to come to terms with personal experiences of sexual abuse, and know that it was not my fault. and that i don't have to live in that experience.
because of you i have had the added courage to live a life in God; embracing his will and plan for me and my path...His path.
you have inspired me to give back in so many ways, to seek my best life with honesty and integrity.
because of you i know i am sacred and have value, just the way i am. 

your loving, confident radiance has not only touched mine & my family's lives, but of course millions of others around the world. 
i am so sad to see you go, but so inspired and excited to see what you do next. 

the world has never known one like you.

so keep on building, dreaming, growing, and sharing... we still need you, oprah. 
(think i've been listening to a little too much aretha tonight, but go with me...)

i've been seeing all of the commercials asking "where will you be?" during the last 
Oprah Winfrey show in history. 

unfortunately i won't be watching it live; i will have to wait to see it on dvr. 

because one of the precious daughters of that single mother i mentioned is graduating from high school tomorrow, and it is my honor & privilege to attend the ceremony; to see her walk across that stage with her head held high because she created a better future for herself. 
the ceremony starts at 6... but i don't want to be late. 
its important.
i'm sure you understand. 

thank you for 25 years. 
here's to many more... to your next chapter.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

i heart SoCal

i heart you, SoCal. 
my whole life i have been waiting to meet you--really meet you. 
not work in a studio for days on end, but get out, experience all you have to offer.
this past long weekend was 
the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

i am still smiling. 

more soon. 


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Anniversary Gift Ideas

so many of my guy friends often ask me for gift ideas for their better halves. 
birthdays, holidays, name it.
i looooove this. 
actually, i have a lot of people in general who ask me for gift ideas, because gifting is pretty much 
my most favorite thing ever. 
if budget allowed, i would give gifts a lot more often than i am currently able to; 
i think about thoughtful gifts that people would like all. the. time. 
something in a store window will catch my eye 
and remind me of my sister; 
i'll imagine how much it would make her smile to receive something special, just because. 
maybe i'll be cooking something for a party, and think i should double the recipe and take 
the extra to a friend with a new baby. 
i have some amazing people in my life who i am always trying to think of creative ways to show my appreciation to, or to make laugh, and let them know i thinking of just them. 
we all need that, no? 
now while i do tend to get emotional over all things handmade and heartfelt, please don't mistake me for someone who doesn't enjoy the finer things 
that money can buy. 
(and hey, in this shite economy, 
it sure is fun to daydream.) 
even the most expensive endowments have a knock-off, however. a scaled-down version, a  "real life" option, for those of us not playing the game with monopoly money. 

i'll take anniversary gift ideas for $200, alex.

plum pretty sugar
kind of obsessed, actually. 
these gorgeous garments are brilliant for any woman in your life, let alone as an anniversary gift. 
you can go as sexy or casual as you want. 
they even have bridesmaid sets--brill!
i would never take them off.

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beautiful art. 
with killer talents like these, you cannot go wrong.
(ooooh, look at us! 
all grown up now and buying art!)
i love art as a gift. 
michelle armas will custom paint a brilliant piece to coordinate with a room, a color scheme, a moment; whatever you want. 
its custom, bitches.
as if that wasn't awesome enough, 
in struts lori danielle with her laser-cut paper custom fingerprint art.
dayyyyyum. is that what you had said?! uh, yeah.
she sends you a fingerprint kit along with all the info you need; you send her your prints. just make sure you send them back to her address, 
not the fbi. 
(or even the county clerk. you know, what with all those unpaid parking tickets.)
max wanger not only has an awesome last name, but his photography skills are insane
check out his blog for more; my words are no testament to his work. 
(though i did find myself stranded deep into the recesses of his tumblr the other day and just barely made my way out before i dehydrated and remembered i had children to care for.)
i love the print above in particular for an anniversary, and you can order it big and frame it up; she will love you for it. 
i would.

you know you're o.g. when you've got a lucite ice bucket with your custom monogram on it. 
or in this case, in it. 
i've been crushing on iomoi for months now. 
their use of cheeky animals, brilliant color & current patterns are uber appealing. 
so very "mr. fantastic fox" meets palm beach.
the lucite trays, custom stationary and home accessories are all beyond fabulous, and would be ideal for a housewarming or engagement/bridal shower gift, in addition to an anniversary!
if you do get the ice bucket, however, just be sure to include this very important accessory:

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the best gifts i've ever received are, of course, my girls. but the superfast badassness of the camera my husband got me for my birthday a couple years ago is a very close runner-up. 
kids move so fast they seem to go from diapers to bieber in no time flat. 
its nice to have a camera that can keep up.
(wow, they should really pay me to write this stuff. 
i know, right?)
i take some incredible photos with my trusty slr; if only i really knew how to use it. 
imagine the detail i could show you: picture with perfect clarity the chocolate running down birdie's face as she devours an ice cream cone, or the tears streaming down poor little bunny's cheeks as she trips and gets another skinned knee. 
wait, why am i photographing that? weird... anywho...this would make an awesome gift. 
an amazing camera and the knowledge to be able to use it. (via max, no less!)

another one bites the dust. 
i kind of swore i'd never like this stuff, but darn it if she hasn't sucked me in. 
the queen of posh prep has made me love her, 
and i'm not ashamed to admit it.
this adorable bicycle would be so much fun!
probably not your best bet in training for your next ironman, but for a breezy ride down by the water, or an afternoon cruise down the lane: perfection.

in my opinion, these are all fabulous gifts any woman would be overjoyed to receive. 
but if you just aren't pickin up what i'm puttin down, trust me when i tell you:
you can never ever go wrong with baubles, biscuits, bouquets or bags!
(unless of course she doesn't wear jewelry. 
or has a variety of allergies which prevent her from eating cookies. and is allergic to perfume and flowers. in which case it sounds like you have bigger problems.)

(peonies. my favorite. image via flickr. but if you live in atlanta use michalevans! they're the best.)

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happy gifting, ladies & gents!