Monday, April 25, 2011

straight trippin' ; west palm style

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i had the pleasure of going here a few years ago over the easter holiday, and have often recommended it to friends asking for a special, beachy, east coast/stateside destination. 

today i find myself daydreaming of being there... 
with one of my best gals, marcy

today is her birthday, and if i could, 
i would fly us down...
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and we would lounge by the pool, drink too much, spend an obscene amount of time at the spa, make inappropriate comments, eat delicious food, laugh too loudly, and have a fantastic time. 

not so much this:
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but, rather, this:
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and more specifically, this:

west palm holiday
(west palm glamour via molly marler on polyvore)

as it is, my budget for Q2 isn't quite up to this level (just barely), so she'll have to settle for 
happy birthday, sweet friend. 
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  1. Okay if you make me cry ONE MORE TIME TODAY ... well, then it would be just like any other day! But GOOD TEARS, dammit! GOOD ONES ! ! !
    You are the dearest friend and I could have ended the day and gone right back to bed the minute I saw the video of you and your (er, my) girls this morning. I love you like a fat kid loves cake on his birthday!