Thursday, June 30, 2011

hang in there, baby

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i promise, its true. 
thanks for hanging in 
for the infant stages of this blog.
you're cooler for being here
you just may not know it yet.
oh, you do? 
but things are about to get 
i'm about to haul the 
mini manse
across the country...

3 weeks, people. 

but first, i have to 
find a house 
find movers 
organize, pare down, donate, recycle, sell & pack our stuff
plan and execute a baby shower, a bridal shower, our going away cocktail and playdate parties (important stuff, y'all!)
arrange the actual "day of" fiasco
somehow say goodbye to 
my family
my friends
and my hometown
oh, and 
do it all while raising children who 
would like to enjoy their summer.
(methinks a summer camp is in order) myself.

i got this.
cause, as you can see from above, 
i am awesome.
and i have awesomeness behind me. 
so there's that.


Monday, June 27, 2011

off the starboard bow

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happy monday, mermaids. and men.

saw this on my sisterwife's blog today.

made me want to be here.
on a boat.
drinkin santana champ 'cause its so crisp...

had to watch. 
yet again.
(for you, e & b!)

but funny as hell. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

i heart ny

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congratulations, new york.

as our friend mike so wisely put it:
"that's why they call it new york new york, 
ladies and ladies, 
gentlemen and gentlemen. 
love lives in new york
no matter WHO it is you love,
man or woman.
happy for [our] gay friends
who are in loving, committed relationships."

its a big day. 
live it up . celebrate . love well! 

and in honor of this big accomplishment, 
i will be making out with girls all day. 
come and get it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

rockstar real estate

so remember the other day when we were talking about what a bitch it can be to find a house when moving, wherever your destination, 
much less los angeles? 

well, things are looking up. 

i just may have found the perfect place.

today, via twitter, i saw casa sugar's post that aussie rocker chris cester recently put his sexy los angeles pad on the market... and with few tweaks and changes, it could be just perfect for my little rockstar family! 

i wouldn't say this place has incredible interior design, but it has its moments.
check out some of the pics:

i spy... a stunning blue murano chandelier in the pretty perfect dining room
(save for the crap dining table; it looks like something i would have bought in college from rooms-to-go. blech. i would get a different table, keep the wingbacks in their awesome fabric, but replace the other chairs with something more modern, or whatever jenny suggested i do. she's my guru.) 
the living room would need a furniture update, but the rococo mirror and even the 
antler chandy can stay. 
that adorable (eensy) kitchen has an old o'keefe and merritt range, classic black and white tile floor, a lovely crystal chandelier, and the sweetest little brekkie nook 
you ever saw. 
huge potential in that weensy space.

the cesters have a little boy, i see, but i'm not crazy about murals in kids' rooms. 
anything too "themey" or 
all from one store = total vomcano.

(i'm obsessed, ali. obsessed.)

though i'm sure my girls would adore it.
i'd have to have it painted before we moved in. no probs. 
plenty of room to make something 
like these happen:
(via apartmenttherapy)
(via decorpad) 
(via apartmenttherapy)  
 (via decorpad)
(via pinterest)
(via houzz)
moving on. 
the two adult bedrooms are both 
awesome in my book. 
i think i just found the template for my upcoming d.i.y. headboard project, and all that white provides a refreshing respite from the hectic life of la outside the front door. 
although the linens do need a serious pressing, and they aren't my favorite:
(imagine some glam border color and big ol' monogram...even in la i'll retain some 
southern roots, y'all.)
(leontine linens via madebygirl)
i might replace those sconces with something slightly more...interesting, but the ikat print, brutalist chandelier (aren't you proud, j?!) lucite side table and wallpaper in the other bedroom are right up my alley. 
cool, eclectic, but balanced. 
i might add some feminine, antique touches here and there, and continue the quirky art trend throughout the house with some bigger pieces. think wearstler on xanax.
(via bergdorfgoodman)
i like the bathrooms just fine, although i can imagine jenny would yank those orchids and put em out in the garden or something.
(and really, chris. you're a rockstar, and the best you can do for interior plants and flowers is a variety of ho-hum orchids that anyone can buy at pier one or whole foods?! tsk tsk.)

the "office" aka mini-recording studio is killer; it can stay. 
that way i'll have an excuse to look like a rockstar while i rehearse a script, write an original screenplay or musical, 
and teach my girls piano. 
or play naked cowboys and indians 
(i call the headdress!) with david. 

the gorgeous backyard boasts privacy via strategic, tall cypresses & palms, a flat but beautifully landscaped yard just begging for a fabulous pool, and numerous sitting/lounging areas perfect for dining al fresco, cocktails in the garden, and laid-back, cali-style cocktail parties alike. 
the black stairway to heaven is a total bonus. 
this house is so me. 

i wonder what school district 
whitley heights is in? 
i'm guessing one would simply have to do private schooling, and with the modest price of  $1,135,000
its totally do-able. 
the neighborhood is in the most touristy part of los angeles, near attractions like grauman's and the hollywood wax museum, and restaurants like katsuya, in addition to "stripper ware stores that line hollywood blvd". 
per the real estalker, "should any of the children ever be in need for a 7-inch Lucite mule with a heart-shaped diamante detail on the heel", [they'll be in the right place].
good to know. 
so, what do you think? a done deal? 
methinks i'll put a pin in it.
now... where are those extra millions i had lying around?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

super secret supper club nyc

what do i love as much as, if not more, 
than acting?
(via a razor a shiny knife)
the gentlemen behind a razor a shiny knife had the forethought to combine the two.
as they say on their website, 
"a razor a shiny knife is an 
educational, social and theatrical 
culinary experience."

genius, boys. friggin genius.

if you haven't seen this already, its a MUST. 
on may first of this year, the aforementioned 
--along with a slew of fellow supper 
clubs, chefs, assistants et al.--
hosted an opulent, 6-course meal of haute cuisine for unsuspecting passengers 
on nyc's L train. 
one can only imagine the prep, timing, and skill that went into this endeavor. 
they elevated a meal from what can sometimes be a "religious experience" (for me at least)

to pure art.

have a go.

reason no. 48375001 
its amazing to live in new york.


...who lived in her shoes

house hunting is a bitch.
more specifically, house hunting in southern california is a real bitch.
looks like i could end up the little 
(ahem, young) lady who lived in her shoes.
(above images via the fabulous netaporter)

actually, if we could get a tub in there, maybe blow out a wall for a fab waterworks piece?...

as i tweeted yesterday, 
i often read a listing that says things like "the house boasts stunning interiors" 
(a complete dump. pass.)

is "charming" 
(aka the size of my uterus, which, even after two kids, i assure you, is eeesny),

"has been recently updated" 
(not since the Nixon era, and I wasn't even born then. come on, people.)

or is "bright" 
(lit with so much florescent crap it would make JLo look like amy winehouse.)

when it ain't. 

started to get uber frustrated with it all...but then i saw this little piece of comedic genius, and she just made my DAY.

there is light at the end of the tunnel, friends; just don't want to jinx anything! 
more on that soon.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

me time

happy monday!
so this weekend was all

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...but you know, with kids around. 
most of the time.
today i'm all

but! instead of moping i'm going to treat myself to some much-needed me time.
its crucial, you know.
when was the last time you 
turned off the cellie, 
turned on a gorgeous symphony, 
slipped into a hot bath 
bubbling with deliciousness 
and enjoyed a glass of cold champagne?

that's what i thought.
go run the water. 
now would be good.

to properly illustrate:

me time

another fun treat you can whip up in the comfort of your casa, no credit card required?
(unlike some of the above splurges!)

a brown sugar scrub
(via thegloss)
i made my version a few days ago, and it is 
positively delish!
scour your pantry for the following, 
then get to scrubbin'!

(note: the recipe can obvs be halved if you don't have enough, like i did :)

*4c brown sugar 
(turbinado if you really don't want no scrubs)
*4c kosher salt
*1c finely ground almond or apricot meal, 
or oatmeal
*1/2c honey
*1/2c almond oil or apricot kernel oil
*5-10 drops vitamin e oil
*optionals: fragrance, sunflower oil, and 2T. avocado, shea, or cocoa butter

*spoon into your fave container--be careful with glass in your bath!--allow scrub to sit overnight after an additional 1/2c almond or apricot kernel oil is added, and enjoy! 
(via glamour)

ps. if this is just too much, you can certainly create a budget 
(on time and $) 
version in a pinch!

*1c brown sugar of your choice
*5-6T. oil of your choice 
*1-2tsp. vanilla
(i have used olive, jojoba and even sunflower)
super easy! 

the point is to treat yourself.
i certainly plan to.
i've got a busy week ahead.
off to get my beauty sleep, lovers!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day 
to all of you wonderful men 
out there
who make the lives of your children 
of someone else's children 
more full 
you play a more important role in this world 
than you may know.
you impact the lives of the children in yours more than you will ever know. 
we need you now, we will need you always.
and so, to all the world's many different kinds of daddies...
thank you!


(all above images from flickr, tumblr & pinterest unless otherwise noted.)

i miss you every day.
i wish you were here 
i thought that as i grew older, it would get easier being without you. 
it did for a while. 
but in the last few years, 
i realized
when i really open up
let down my guard
and let myself feel it
my heart aches
so much.
it breaks 
i miss being a child 
with you
as my daddy.
i miss hearing your car pull in the garage; 
feeling that ecstatic rush
of happiness
to see your face.
running out to the garage 
opening your car door
putting on your suit jacket
and carrying 
i miss sitting in the palm of your hand.
i miss your sarcastic humor, 
though i have definitely 
inherited my fair share. 
as have k & c.
i miss your smell.
i miss the softness 
of my cheek on your shoulder. 
on  your
ll bean
chambray shirt.
i miss so many things i can't 
even think about
it hurts too much.
i think of all of the moments i wish you were here to share.
i wish my children could know you.
they would truly adore you.
and you would be enamored of them. 
i wish you could know david. 
you two are so much alike.
you would approve.
he is a good man, and takes care of me the way you would.
i wish i could hear your voice again.
i wish i could feel myself 
so tiny 
in your arms 
i wish, just for a moment, i could go back to being 16, 
and not have my emotional growth 
the way it was
when we lost you.
i wish so many things 
we all miss you so very much.
i like to think you are able to see how much we've grown. 
i often feel you with me.
i see the 
yellow butterflies
and i feel you.

i know you are with God.
i know that you are blissfully happy
i know that i will see you again.
but my heart still breaks, 
because you aren't here now.
i love you daddy. 
i always will.