Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Viva la Vida

Hoping to have a new laptop by the end of the week, but either way, at least I've got this to show you...

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Whatup y'all?!
I miss you, too.
If I may, let's pause for a moment of silence for my old gal Dell.
My laptop died.
She led a good techlife; she will be missed.
On the upside I'll now be forced to upgrade...
Fingers crossed I can find an affordable Mac! Haaaa!
Promise that posts will be more regular as soon as I can get online & write them!
(it's tricky doing it from the iPhone, see.)

Talk soon! Check back for other updates & interesting news that I'll be trying to sharevia other avenues...


'Office' star Mindy Kaling slams Missoni for Target eBay 'trolls'

'Office' star Mindy Kaling slams Missoni for Target eBay 'trolls'

Saturday, September 10, 2011

friday night playlist

happy weekending, y'all!
if your week was anything like mine, you're needing this weekend in a bad way. 
crazy busy fun hardworking madness. 
so relax.
and enjoy the smooth stylings of what was on my itunes/pandora/spotify rotation this week.

behold the hurricane
the horrible crowes
(go here and download it for free.)

hold on, hold on

killer queen

what the water gave us
florence and the machine

for 12
other lives

go here to see the vid/hear the song. 

girlfriend in a coma
the smiths
all you youngins go here and educate yourselves.

heart attack
raphael saadiq
(scroll down and click on "heart attack" sample. soooooogood.)

get it daddy
sleeper agent

dead sara

(saw them play this at a party in west hollywood a few weeks ago; badassssssssss.)

love her madly
the doors

had a very serious convo with dave about classic rock this week.
its my jam. 
but he doesn't get it.

my super awesome rap playlist, which may or may not include 
salt n pepa, rick ross, beastie boys, niki minaj, eminem
and more will be next...

until then
this one's for you, kate. 

have a wonderful weekend!

new beginnings

(lily sweater, crewcuts dress, garnet hill backpack)

wednesday was bunny's first day of kindergarten.
still can't believe she's old enough...
but she was definitely ready! 
she she galloped all the way there.
(she's a horse, in case you didn't know.)

at drop off she was happy, with a quiet confidence, 
ready to take on the world. 

she was even making me feel better, which is just how she rolls. 

probably the most awesome person i know. 
so full of love, life, eagerness, kindness, generosity, fun, humor, silliness...all the delicious things that can make up a five and a half year old little girl. 
if you really want to know how i feel, perhaps you should read this again.
birdie was less than thrilled that her bestie was now going to be gone all day (she cried. it was so saddorable.)... 
but somehow this week, we've managed.
sno-cone as coping/celebratory device.
later that first night, this happened. numero dos. 
we just don't really do laid-back around these parts. 
go big or go home. 
the tooth fairy came; there was fairy dust everywhere!
after the tooth excitement, i figured she would enjoy relaxing as i often do: in a hot bath, complete with luxe bath products courtesy of bvlgari, candlelight, and tchaikovsky. 
she slept like a rock, and got through the week to rave reviews from her new teacher. whew!

it appears as though i've been named "room mom" of bunny's class. 

holy crap, you guys!
i sincerely remember selling wrapping paper as a fundraiser at my elementary school; my mom was involved in pta like yesterday, right?!
the first day of school when i showed up with a 
teased-to-the-heavens topknot and platform wedges, complete with flourescent green laces and a manrepeller-worthy arm party, that little school didn't quite know what to make of me. 
and now i'm their "representative".

its going to be an interesting year. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

guest post haste

so the other day i mentioned i was guest posting for mfamb while 

she is away this weekend; after some technical difficulties, 

hope you're having a great holiday weekend! 

back to school; supply list

new backpack, pencils, crayons & books; 
school supplies now are more chic than they once looked.
bento boxes, natural markers, an eco-friendly lot; 
moleskine notebooks to record every last thought. 
jonathan adler and lily pulitzer design
the most wonderful products that make doing homework divine!
so polish up your apples, & don't be late; 
this school year's bound to be completely first-rate!

for detailed product info, 
click on image above to view it in polyvore.
happy shopping!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

if we took a holiday...

happy holiday, stateside friends! 

i know i owe you a school supplies post (and my guest post for mfamb), which i will dutifully put up this evening, but until then...

lets remember its a holiday. 
and i live near the beach now. 

so think beachy (not bitchy) thoughts...
(via tumblr)
(via tommyhilfiger)
(via tumblr)
(via googleuk)

(via 100layercake)

i hope you have a fabulous weekend, wherever you are. 

...and because i'm from the sultry south, where sec football is like gospel, we're also celebrating the start of the season today! of course i enjoy an afternoon full of cocktail s and tailgating as much as the actual game itself. so whenever i think of "football", the images that come to mind are always chic and stylish, rather than bruised and bloodied. 
STILL obsessed w tommy hilfiger's campaign from last year. 
(via weheartit)
(via tommyhilfiger)
(via tommyhilfiger)

and whether or not you're celebrating anything official this weekend, i hope you find (or create!) an excuse to have a gorgeous evening to just celebrate LIFE.

(via marieclaireaustralia)


Thursday, September 1, 2011

back to school

a week from now my first-born baby girl will be starting kindergarten. 

(wait, wait. aren't i still 22? i was sure i was still 22.
how exactly can i be old enough to rent a car without a 
co-signer, let alone have a daughter beginning kindergarten?!)

i can hardly believe it, yet i'm ready. 
i think.
it breaks my heart, as i feel once school begins, 
i may as well begin planning her high school graduation party; time flies too quickly as it is. 
then again, i know she is just chomping at the bit to meet friends here, and school is (hopefully) the best place to make that happen. 
she's also totally brilliant, and i welcome the opportunity for more information to be soaked up on the daily by that 
spongey brain of hers.

i remember kindergarten, don't you?
the water table, the sand table, piles of books, playdoh that may or may not have made its way into my curious mouth 
from time to time. 
ewwww. i know. 

praying that my kid is smart enough not to eat the playdoh, not to pick her nose (in public, anyway; giver her a break), not to put up with mean girls (or boys), not to settle for less than excellence, and above all, to have fun

she's going to love school. 
and i'm going to love missing her. 
(remind me of this next week when i'm bawling my eyes out, k?)

back-to-school clothes shopping happened last weekend. 
a long-lived tradition among millions of us, am i right?


BTS3 by mollymarler featuring bags

i love this time of year. 
its going to be different out here in california, but i can still imagine the crisp, fall air; leaves changing color & falling from the trees; the smell of autumn.
or i suppose i could just drive a couple hours north and experience a west coast fall. 
(kinda loving it out here, can you tell? :)

tomorrow i'll share with you our chic school supply haul; but today, its all about the clothes!


ps! i'm guest posting for my gal jenny today 
while she's on vaycay. 
hippity hop on over there and check out more of my brilliance. 

better hurry... don't want to be late for class.