Saturday, September 3, 2011

if we took a holiday...

happy holiday, stateside friends! 

i know i owe you a school supplies post (and my guest post for mfamb), which i will dutifully put up this evening, but until then...

lets remember its a holiday. 
and i live near the beach now. 

so think beachy (not bitchy) thoughts...
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i hope you have a fabulous weekend, wherever you are. 

...and because i'm from the sultry south, where sec football is like gospel, we're also celebrating the start of the season today! of course i enjoy an afternoon full of cocktail s and tailgating as much as the actual game itself. so whenever i think of "football", the images that come to mind are always chic and stylish, rather than bruised and bloodied. 
STILL obsessed w tommy hilfiger's campaign from last year. 
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(via tommyhilfiger)

and whether or not you're celebrating anything official this weekend, i hope you find (or create!) an excuse to have a gorgeous evening to just celebrate LIFE.

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