Saturday, September 10, 2011

new beginnings

(lily sweater, crewcuts dress, garnet hill backpack)

wednesday was bunny's first day of kindergarten.
still can't believe she's old enough...
but she was definitely ready! 
she she galloped all the way there.
(she's a horse, in case you didn't know.)

at drop off she was happy, with a quiet confidence, 
ready to take on the world. 

she was even making me feel better, which is just how she rolls. 

probably the most awesome person i know. 
so full of love, life, eagerness, kindness, generosity, fun, humor, silliness...all the delicious things that can make up a five and a half year old little girl. 
if you really want to know how i feel, perhaps you should read this again.
birdie was less than thrilled that her bestie was now going to be gone all day (she cried. it was so saddorable.)... 
but somehow this week, we've managed.
sno-cone as coping/celebratory device.
later that first night, this happened. numero dos. 
we just don't really do laid-back around these parts. 
go big or go home. 
the tooth fairy came; there was fairy dust everywhere!
after the tooth excitement, i figured she would enjoy relaxing as i often do: in a hot bath, complete with luxe bath products courtesy of bvlgari, candlelight, and tchaikovsky. 
she slept like a rock, and got through the week to rave reviews from her new teacher. whew!

it appears as though i've been named "room mom" of bunny's class. 

holy crap, you guys!
i sincerely remember selling wrapping paper as a fundraiser at my elementary school; my mom was involved in pta like yesterday, right?!
the first day of school when i showed up with a 
teased-to-the-heavens topknot and platform wedges, complete with flourescent green laces and a manrepeller-worthy arm party, that little school didn't quite know what to make of me. 
and now i'm their "representative".

its going to be an interesting year. 

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