Thursday, September 1, 2011

back to school

a week from now my first-born baby girl will be starting kindergarten. 

(wait, wait. aren't i still 22? i was sure i was still 22.
how exactly can i be old enough to rent a car without a 
co-signer, let alone have a daughter beginning kindergarten?!)

i can hardly believe it, yet i'm ready. 
i think.
it breaks my heart, as i feel once school begins, 
i may as well begin planning her high school graduation party; time flies too quickly as it is. 
then again, i know she is just chomping at the bit to meet friends here, and school is (hopefully) the best place to make that happen. 
she's also totally brilliant, and i welcome the opportunity for more information to be soaked up on the daily by that 
spongey brain of hers.

i remember kindergarten, don't you?
the water table, the sand table, piles of books, playdoh that may or may not have made its way into my curious mouth 
from time to time. 
ewwww. i know. 

praying that my kid is smart enough not to eat the playdoh, not to pick her nose (in public, anyway; giver her a break), not to put up with mean girls (or boys), not to settle for less than excellence, and above all, to have fun

she's going to love school. 
and i'm going to love missing her. 
(remind me of this next week when i'm bawling my eyes out, k?)

back-to-school clothes shopping happened last weekend. 
a long-lived tradition among millions of us, am i right?


BTS3 by mollymarler featuring bags

i love this time of year. 
its going to be different out here in california, but i can still imagine the crisp, fall air; leaves changing color & falling from the trees; the smell of autumn.
or i suppose i could just drive a couple hours north and experience a west coast fall. 
(kinda loving it out here, can you tell? :)

tomorrow i'll share with you our chic school supply haul; but today, its all about the clothes!


ps! i'm guest posting for my gal jenny today 
while she's on vaycay. 
hippity hop on over there and check out more of my brilliance. 

better hurry... don't want to be late for class. 


  1. At least She will be the best dressed!!! Cute outfits :)

  2. ha! thanks, sherry! we'll see... we ARE in la! ;)