Thursday, March 24, 2011

what up party people.
my name is molly. 
i'm usually fashionably late... 
but this is a bit much. 

finally into the blogosphere, & i'm excited about it! 
hoping to share some daily love with you all, as i navigate my cra-mazing life. 
            (its like "crazy" and "amazing" had a baby. you're welcome.)

"who the hell does this girl think she is, anyway?",
you ask.

i'm a:
mama. wifey. actor. foodie. 
party planner/goer/funmaker extraordinaire. 
volunteer. world traveler. 
abundance attractor. joy seeker. life eater.

...otherwise known as:

the most interesting woman in the world.

she once hiked an alaskan glacier in 5 inch stilettos… because she could.

she plays the bongos—in the nude—as well as the keytar, the flute, and your heartstrings. 
and she’s very good.

she once stepped in for maria sharapova in wimbledon…and won. then later replaced her in a bikini photoshoot.

she once negotiated a peace treaty between warring european nations, resulting in a 3 day bacchanal.

martha stewart named the “good things” 
line after her.

her practical jokes have been known to punk 
even george clooney.

she enjoys irish whiskey, spelunking, blackjack, knitting fin socks for orphan dolphins, and makes her own merlot on a quaint estate in the loire valley.

Ok… so maybe I’m not the most interesting woman in the world… but I’ll give that bitch a run for her money, if its the last thing I do.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

(images via kfd designs & D*D)


  1. Love your tweets so it's going to rawk reading more about your cra-mazing life in 140> characters!

  2. Thanks SO much, y'all! 2 comments, YAY! Hope its not all down hill from here...

  3. And the blogosphere does a happy dance.

    Welcome, Molly!

  4. Ahhhhhhh!!! New fave blog, duh. SO excited for your daily posts - my mornings just got a lot better. You're going to knock it out of the park I just know!! Xoxoxo

  5. YES! now i feel connected no matter you and cal and marc and ange....i might not need coffee anymore.....wait thats a lie. I LOVE THIS!!!

  6. WELCOME!!!!

    So happy to have you join us!

  7. WHOA. this is major! thanks so much for the support, friends and fellow bloggettes! raina & nic--so appreciate it. gf's--i love you. and yes, we will always need coffee. always.