Thursday, March 31, 2011

guess who's coming to dinner?

anyone who knows me knows 
that i love to entertain. 

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being surrounded by my family & friends is my favorite way to be. i truly believe, almost always, that the more, the merrier!

last night, though, i had an intimate little dinner party with my brother and his wife, 
and it was just right.

soundtrack: my adele/ray lamontagne 
Pandora station

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i put together one of my all-time fave, quick as two shakes of a lambs' tail salad:

fresh, organic spinach; organic strawberries; toasted pecans (or walnuts, whatever you have--i often candy mine, too, using the same recipe i do for making huge batches during the holidays. they are ridic; i'll have to share that in another post!); gorgonzola; & poppy seed dressing. it is so good. 

then i cooked up some delish lemon chicken & roasted asparagus with parmigiano-reggiano (i add the cheese 5 mins before its done cooking so it will melt perfectly). it was super simple; cooked in the kitchen while we caught up over a couple glasses of wine (and of course munched on a little app platter i threw together with what i had on hand: hummus, crackers, cherry tomatoes & baby carrots).  

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don't worry, i didn't stop there. 

for a little something fun for dessert, i made 
damn, they were good!


you must try them.

it was awesome. 

just the dose of grown-up conversation i needed. and of course the wine. there's always that.

tonight i'm going to be watching a movie that i'll be sure and fill you in on tomorrow. 
i haven't decided what yet, but i want to make this whole movie review thing a staple 
round these parts... 
there may or may not be excessive amounts of wine involved.

any film faves?

have a fabulous day, darlings! 


  1. Your dinner looks delish! Check out 500 Days of Summer :)

  2. The Red it already!

  3. I hate you right now. (Can we say jeals?!)
    watch Play the Game. Kinda brain free, true; definitely cute with a twist.
    For more brain interaction, Babel.

  4. elle--thanks so much! saw and actually LOVED that movie! right up my alley. may warrant a re-play sometime soon.
    bobby--yes! lets plan this thing. i'll email you.
    kate--misssssed you. for reals. i'll watch your movies, but it might cost you... two. thaaaousand. dalllas.
    susan--thank you, darling! it WAS. i want another one right now.

  5. I miss your amazing cooking! I miss SOOOO much about you... OK - I had too many beers....but for real. I MISS YOU!