Monday, March 28, 2011

sojourner truth would be so proud....

so i came across this little nugget today

(via kelly oxford's brilliantly hilarious tumblr blog
and was like 

a ha!

(via mtv)

um, no. 

more like 

(via reuters)



just the kick in the taco i needed. 

i often struggle with censoring myself, be it with my pirate mouth or awesomely crude sense of humor, because i find it challenging  think others find it challenging to laugh at my jokes, meanwhile finding me incredibly attractive (because, lets face it, that's what we all want, right?), taking me seriously 
as an educated woman, 
and above all, 
believing i am an amazing mama. 

can we have/be it all?  
is it acceptable for me to tell a raunchy 
joke in the midst of my otherwise 
eloquent dinner conversation? 
does my dry, often acerbic wit put me in a box, so to speak, out of which i cannot escape 
to otherwise define myself? 
do those people still find me just 
as equally a., b., and c.? 


i sure hope so. 

i am a total blam blam. 

and i certainly don't plan on hiding parts of myself as i grow up--and i use that term loosely--because aren't we supposed to become more 
ourselves as we grow? 
we may be continually influenced by numerous avenues telling us to be this, or hide that, but hows about we not set the women's movement back any further and just... be?

i realize i'm hardly the first to pose these questions, but i'm super psyched i got to use some 
big words today.

tomorrow i'm doing a d.i.y. so fantastic it will make you wanna m.o. 
get your chapstick ready.


  1. girl, you are officially added to my blog roll. LOVE IT!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. diy you say? bring it girl. bring it right the fuck into our faces.
    also- i cannot comment on your dilemma bc i have talked to you about this ad nauseam.