Monday, March 28, 2011

welcome to the horror show


i have called this meeting to discuss 
something terrible. 

tonight, while in the midst of my sunday beauty routine of late--which includes a mani/pedi, a clay deep cleansing face mask, a full body wax, electroshock therapy, and a monkey-style hair nit-picking session...with a monkey--while innocently watching a dvr'd episode of 30 rock, i saw the most disturbing sight. 

this monstrosity of a commercial aired 
in between scenes:  

i about fell out. 
("awwwright, its time to show them ankles, please, them sexy little things 'bout a foot below yo knees.")

president, please. you're a white boy in an oversized, banana-yellow hairmet


is this what we've come to? the ankle show??

i do realize that old navy has a certain... ubiquitous aesthetic, and therefore must market to such... but....


(please tell me its not just me!)  

hear me out. i've definitely purchased my fair share from the chain in question. pretty sure the majority of my "i'm having a baby then losing the baby weight then having another baby then losing that baby weight" wardrobe was from old navy until maybe the last year or so... and i definitely run in from time to time to grab a quick top or something easy & affordable for the girls.


if "flirty flats" and ankle jeans (can we please talk about the cherry tattoo? are we 14 now? is it somehow 1994 and i'm being punked in a sanrio store?) are the new definition of sexy for women, 
i'm out.

whatever happened to glamour? 

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please don't judge me, pre-coffee, 
at an early morning preschool dropoff, but... 
i have champagne taste.

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the bitch of it is, 
i'm on a ramen budget right now. 

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but that doesn't mean i can't want things. 
(and by that i mean not just "things", but a certain lifestyle.)

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(via ralphlauren)

not obsess, or strive even, but rather luxuriate in the value of a couture piece of clothing, a fabulous shoe, or fine bed linens; exquisite, aged wine (or hell, cheese); exotic, 5-star hotels in far-flung locales... i appreciate the fine things in life. 

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there's nothing wrong with that. 

but, don't worry. i also appreciate hot dogs. 


(as long as they're all beef. organic kosher even. 
on a freshly baked whole grain bun with organic condiments, 
of course.)


(does this make me sound like a 
soulless, pretentious biatch?)
(are you, too, "super c-u-t-e"? don't even get me started on this one.)
(or do you agree, and therefore, are winning?)

*ps. the dog picture is in no way meant to be offensive. i am an animal lover, thought this lil guy was adorbs, and couldn't resist being punny.*


  1. all of old navy's commercials suck. not winning!

  2. Agree with MFAMB. And as a card-carrying member of Cankle Society, I am completely shut out of this particular denim silhouette.

  3. This is worse than the time they had all flip flops for a dollar. I don't care for Old Navy adult clothe but the kids clothe is sometimes cute. Other than those pants are F**king awful.

  4. oh my god I think I'm in love with you right now! haha! Have you seen the other ON commercials? So cheesey! Their merchandise okay for essentials, but I am 100% with you. More glamour! (and less cherry tattoos!)

  5. omg. this girl is about to come out of her skin with excitement!!! you mean to tell me that someone other than those related to me (and those whom i pay. well.) are reading this?! honestly: just made my day. i needed that. thanks, y'all. more inspiring stuff, diy's, and hilarity in the future. not just me bitching about stuff. promise. :)

  6. That Sophia is the epitome of timeless glamour. That tiny pup is the epitome of cuteness.

    Well done.

    Congrats on your new venture-nelya

  7. GREAT blog.....and I never say that ;) Found you via the lovely Raina...following now......K