Monday, May 30, 2011

thank you

happy memorial day, 
fellow americans!
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my apologies for the lack of posts recently; the end of the school year combined with a wedding weekend--during which one of my dearest friends in the world was in town--has kept me very busy. 
but i'm all yours now! 

and, hey, if you're still out there (american or not--I see you, israel, africa, europe, london, etc...!!!), i really appreciate you reading this. 

whether you're celebrating memorial day by cruising the exotic waters of mustique
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 or panama city beach;
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whether you're poolside like this
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or poolside like this

whether you enjoy a lavish meal
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or simply delicious 'que from a local shop
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whether you sip fine cocktails and champagne
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or the champagne of beers
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we all have so many courageous women and men to thank for our ability to do so.
to those who have fought
to those who continue to fight
we thank you.
My brother and his gorgeous wife at the completion 
of his basic training.
my sis and i stockin up on armysisterloot...
and yes, i have a tendency to look wasian (different from blasian, you understand) when i am tired and wearing no makeup. 
i was in a ginger phase, it seems. 
so proud of my brother, and of all the men and women currently serving our great nation. 
i love you, c! 


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