Wednesday, May 25, 2011

farewell, oprah

i started watching you when i was 8 years old. 
i have watched you regularly since.
you have influenced me in ways 
i'm sure even i don't realize. 
your words have inspired me my whole life; 
i went to school for journalism because of you. (well, you, and because i thought i could 
get a job at "wild on e!".) 
because of you i take my two young daughters with me to read to a kindergarten class at an 
elementary school most friday mornings. 
because of you i followed my husband's lead to mentor, befriend, and befamily a very special, hardworking, deserving single mother and her five children, whom we have loved for over 8 years now, and will continue to love and watch grow throughout their lives. 
because of you i have been able to come to terms with personal experiences of sexual abuse, and know that it was not my fault. and that i don't have to live in that experience.
because of you i have had the added courage to live a life in God; embracing his will and plan for me and my path...His path.
you have inspired me to give back in so many ways, to seek my best life with honesty and integrity.
because of you i know i am sacred and have value, just the way i am. 

your loving, confident radiance has not only touched mine & my family's lives, but of course millions of others around the world. 
i am so sad to see you go, but so inspired and excited to see what you do next. 

the world has never known one like you.

so keep on building, dreaming, growing, and sharing... we still need you, oprah. 
(think i've been listening to a little too much aretha tonight, but go with me...)

i've been seeing all of the commercials asking "where will you be?" during the last 
Oprah Winfrey show in history. 

unfortunately i won't be watching it live; i will have to wait to see it on dvr. 

because one of the precious daughters of that single mother i mentioned is graduating from high school tomorrow, and it is my honor & privilege to attend the ceremony; to see her walk across that stage with her head held high because she created a better future for herself. 
the ceremony starts at 6... but i don't want to be late. 
its important.
i'm sure you understand. 

thank you for 25 years. 
here's to many more... to your next chapter.



  1. so i have oprah to thank for your awesomeness??!

    you are awesome molly. it's in your heart.

  2. Awwww, JENNY! Thank you lovey... That is the sweetest thing! and I'm pretty sure its 50/50; I get the other half of awesomeness from you. :) I love you!

  3. That is such a heartfelt, sweet post. I love it!