Monday, May 16, 2011

badass of the week: E, "the face", W

this weekend was full of babies & baby showers, stress, sweat & sunshine, full to-do lists, 
cupcakes & mimosas, not much sleep, and 
maybe more than a few tears... on my part. 
i am spent.
a mini inspiration board i made for my girlfriend noelia, 
the mommy-to-be, with elements from saturday's shower 

it was such fun seeing girlfriends i hadn't seen in way too long, and i got to hold a sweet little baby for hours on end. i was so exhausted from my combined 8 hours of sleep in two days, though, that i just may have cracked yesterday. 
kristina, sarah, melanie, me, glenda & noelia

the chic and simple vintage surf style shower; there were hanging lanterns above, balloons throughout, decorated bibs for the craft/game, and estrogen to spare! it was adorable.

its times like these when really good 
friends are crucial

my guy bestie, also seen here
knew i was having a tough day yesterday. 
we have a lot going on at squatter's manse. 
and in my head.
E calls me and says 
"i have all the fixins for these amazing burgers. 
can i come cook for you?" 
uh, yeah. yeah you can.
not only did homeboy bring it, his burgers 
were--honestly--some of the best i've ever had. 
think i'll ask him to do a guest post on them, 
or at least get his recipe. 
we're talking organic, grass-fed beef, this ridiculous aged cheddar, thick, gorgeous, local bacon, chow chow, condiments like you won't believe, 
and oh, the buns! 
it was insane
did i mention he also brought some amazing tater tots (yup), a bottle of macallan 12, and 
some of our fave talenti gelato? 
(if its really good, old, scotch, drink it neat. otherwise, a couple ice cubes won't hurt. and if you haven't tried talenti--i have been tweeting about this stuff for months, people!--you simply must. it is the best gelato i've had outside of italy.)

it was like my birthday!
how wonderful to not only have adult company, but to have such a close, platonic guy friend over to hang out & cook with, eat burgers & drink scotch with, talk movies and music, and 
laugh and eat gelato with.

thanks, E. 
you are forever badass.
you're so great at reminding me that i'm not just a mom, not just some chick with an amazing rack that happens to look 10 years younger than her age (ok, maybe i embellished a bit...); 
not just anything. 
that i'm lots of fun, different things, and that 
i actually have a brain i like to use on occasion. 
to talk about important world issues. 
like clogs, food, danger mouse, balls (balls! why?), single malts, traveling, and all kinds of stuff. 
i love you like i love my ginger ale: not canada dry.
(via blinkbox)
he calls me harvey fierstein. because i get excited.

if there is anyone in your life who you know is having a tough day, i highly recommend this approach. not only will you win their undying gratitude & love, you'll get to go home with 
a happy heart and a full belly. 


  1. this guy seems like a keeper.
    what a pal...are you sure he wasn't trying to get in your insides?

    im sorry you're having such a bad go of it.

  2. my darling, TRUST me when i tell you there is NO getting in anywhere with this one... but he's an awesome friend. kept talking about YOU, actually--i think we should all hang out! But either way---you & i need to, asap! hugs and kisses and gropes, xo