Tuesday, July 12, 2011


this morning, i had a quiet moment to relax over a cup of tea. 
ok it was a double espresso, 
but tea sounded so much more gentile

as i very often do, i clickety clacked on over to the fabulous vogue.com, and was positively transported. 

most days i am quite aware of my place and station, so to speak, but that doesn't stop me from constantly daydreaming; 
and when i do, i often find myself here
i just didn't know it was here until i saw it, then read about it in such gorgeous composition. 

does that ever happen to you? 
ever see a place so incredible, so breathtaking that you literally gasp and then stare, open-mouthed at its pure beauty?

this, my friends, is the grand trianon in versailles.
and she is a grand beauty, indeed.

couture week in paris recently concluded in pure opulence 
with a black-tie gala and exhibition. 
le xviii au gout du jour was put on by the city's two incredible fashion & costume museums, and, per hamish bowles, "explor[ed] the enduring influence of eighteenth-century style on couturiers and designers from Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain to Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix, and Nicolas Ghesquière." 
can you imagine? 
i die for this creation. mourir.

venez voir les invites:
farida khelfa, christian louboutin, dita von teese
didier grumbach, vivienne westwood, andreas kronthaler
tasha de vasconcelos
handsome hamish with dvt

the grand finale was celebrated via golden fireworks over an enormous expanse of lawn and formal gardens,
set to--bien sur--french court music. 

le sigh.

i urge you to click this link and read the delicious article 
for yourself. 

i devoured it slowly, word by word; perhaps as one would savor one of laduree's newest flavors. 
et voila. strawberry mint!
mais oui, s'il vous plait.
(both courtesy of laduree)

ooh la la. 

maintenant, its back to reality pour moi--packing.
think i can convince mon monsieur to move to paris in lieu of la?
i will, however, be listening to the edith piaf station on my pandora, burning mon favourite diptyque, and just moved the princess of montpensier to the top of my netflix queue.


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