Wednesday, July 6, 2011

from the land down under

we've been having a slew of late afternoon 
summer thunderstorms recently.
a few days ago, i found myself procrastinating when i should have been packing reminiscing over some old travel photos, and thought i'd share some with you.
these are from a month-long trip i took 
to australia 
a few years ago.
 the incredible whitsundays islands
 scuba on the gbr
gorgeous wineries
 downtown melbourne
i'm on a boat.

i climbed that bridge. like over the top.
 heaven on earth.
 isn't he just the cutest cross btw a pig & a koala teddy bear?
yes i actually took this photo. 
while flying over the gbr in a seaplane.

 sea plane! see? plane.
those things are legit, y'all.

australia is such a gorgeous country. 
incredible things to see & do, 
and the nicest people you'll ever meet in your life. 

i wanna go back!
now would be good.

have you ever been? 
lets plan a trip...

ps. thanks tom.

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