Tuesday, July 19, 2011

pardon our progress...

i've missed you so!
squatter's manse is all packed up & i'm at the beach with my girls for a few days while our stuff makes its way across the country to sunny socal. 
as of next tuesday, i'll be the judge of whether the west coast is in fact, the best coast.
all this moving and traveling has got me thinking about new beginnings.
fresh starts.
you know when you start a new job or a new relationship,
move to a new city (hiooooh!),
start a new school year (sharpen your pencils and clean out your trapper keepers, y'all!),
get married or have a baby, or
begin a new diet and exercise plan (this time its gonna be different, i swear!...she wrote, while eating the last of the chocolate-dipped madelines)?

so often these new beginnings making promises we know we'll never keep.
to ourselves.
and that's no way to live.
if you can't trust yourself, who can you trust, i ask you?!
we all have the best of intentions, we really do.
at least i do.
most of the time i live up to the expectations i set for myself.
but who am i kidding?
i expect a lot.
just ask the voices in my head.
there are some changes a comin' with this little blog...but we'll talk about that later.
when i have time.
there are some changes a comin' in my life, and i thought tonight i would share some images from my inspiration file; those that ignite the fire inside, driving me to live a more purposeful, meaningful, focused life. 
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there are undoubtedly failures to come as well, but so often, i find, the lessons are just as delicious as the act itself.
if not more.

here's hoping its not another (long!) week til we talk again.


  1. Loving these images! Love your words too! Definitely can relate. So glad I found you through MFAMB! (Also your blog header is fab!)

  2. Good luck on your move! The 10 years I lived in Los Angeles were awesome and I miss it!

  3. What area are you guys moving to? I was born and raised in the L.A. area and lived all over. I'd be happy to share tips on neighborhoods, getting into great public schools, shopping,etc. It's an amazing place you"ll see!!

  4. thank you SO much, ladies! sorry it took a minute, my laptop was buried under my high school yearbooks, an old box of grits and a holey sweater. :)
    i really appreciate you reading, and the love! we're in the valley...near topanga canyon? its so beautiful! i know its kinda far, but i really love it in la. Jen, would LOVE any and all tips you have to give. my 5 yr old is starting kindergarten in a month and i'm freaking out! la private school is def a different ballgame than atl priv school... so we're doing public. at least for now. and we very well may move--we're doing a month to month lease, until we know where and when we want to buy--but i'd loooove insider info. thank you so much! ps. bc i'm a tech novice (obvs. duh.) I know very little about making my blog look the way i really WANT it to, but if my email isn't somewhere on the homepage, here it is:
    Thanks again, yall! Capella--come visit any time! :) XO