Sunday, July 10, 2011

song of the south

i'm all weepy. 
about a week until the move and i've started saying my goodbyes. 
its bittersweet; everyone goes through it. 
i've done it before, but that was molly bc, before children.

atlanta, and all that is the south, 
is all my girls have ever known. 
which is one of the many reasons i'm thrilled to have the opportunity to live on the west coast.
but its also why it makes me sad.

will they remember what it sounds like to walk into the varsity, then order a "red dog walkin'"? 
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and ps that is not a red dog walkin. that looks like heavy dog all the way, a chili steak, some strings & a ring one on the side, and God willing, that's a V.O.)

will they remember what the honeysuckle smells like in the spring? (if the pollen count isn't infinity?)
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will they recall the skyline from piedmont park as the sun sets?
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will they look back with a smile on attending a southern tailgate at UGA (even if daddy is a gator), or even really know what its like in the SEC on any given sunday? 
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i imagine this is what my future tailgates will look like...
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(fabulous. but i'm the young one with the basset hound, 
not candice bergen. k?)

will they grow up with an affinity for all things sweet tea, grits, peaches, pecan pie and coca cola?
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probably. because of who their parents are... but still. 

i love dixie.
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she's evolved a lot since my childhood, 
and still has work to do.
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but i'm going to miss her.
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mostly though, its the people.
they say it takes a village to raise a child
"they" couldn't be more right.
(except about the whole "men with big feet" thing. they aren't always right.)
we have been blessed with an amazing village; a group of family and friends who have supported us, helped us, grown with us, shared with us, given of their time and resources, and loved us fiercely and generously. 
we couldn't be more grateful. 
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i hope my girls retain the plucky grace that so many southern women have; the strength and beauty which allow us to simultaneously seduce with just a look, while in a dress made from (metaphorical) window treatments; their ability to charm the seersucker pants off of a man, while also having the knowledge and drive to exceed his business aspirations; their knowledge of which peachtree road to take (there are 71) as well as their grandmother's biscuits and gravy recipe. 
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i yearn for my girls to see the world, to grow and experience and learn learn learn all that is out there... i just hope they will always remain steel magnolias at heart. i know i will.
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time to finish packing and get excited about all that california has to offer. 
there may be no big pig jig...yet.
but just maybe i can at least find some decent bbq.
and i mean southern bbq, not some dump in koreatown.

will they mock my subtle southern accent? 
think i'm a stalker when i bring the neighbors cherry pie?
have no idea what i'm talking about when i ask where the nearest chick-fil-a is?

frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn.


ps. that giveaway i mentioned, plus my first up in a new series of interviews with incredible women at the top of their game, coming soon!


  1. "not some dump in koreatown..." you nearly made a gal lose her tea from laughing so hard. molly, LOVE THIS....and miss you already!! i know you'll love life out there...but we'll miss you dearly here. and by "we" i mean the varsity, piedmont park, chick-fil-a (there's one at some mall in south LA; i've been) and marietta's finest big chicken. xoxoxo

  2. Boooooooo you can't move! I haven't even made it to Atlas to stalk you and you up and moving. I moved from Cali to the south. I miss Cali BUT the south is more homey. Good luck on the move and have fun safe trip. Moving cross country sucks!