Friday, April 15, 2011

me & my jew movie review!

*if you're offended by the title of this post, please know that "my jew" is my very dear friend Eric, and he approved this message. also, my very first job ever was in a jewish deli, where i gleaned a serious love of everything bagels, matzo ball soup, and kvetching. i have also attended enough bar/bat mitzvahs and jewish weddings to know all the words to hava nagila. if that's not street cred i don't know what is.

last night.

 and dinner.
(above photos are by moi of the actual food 'cept for the last one via TLC)

curried mango chicken, basmati rice & 
(these little babies are so good, i eat them as a snack all the time!)

and ohhhh egg creams.
(this recipe except we used Pellegrino. and it was delish!) 

lets discuss. 

my friend eric came over, i brought my a-game in the kitch, and we watched catfish
if i weren't so freaked out by their creepy whiskers, i would have made catfish for dinner. 
but it probably would have tasted like 
chicken anyway, right? 
i think this recipe could benefit from the addition of a mango chutney topping. 
it was good, just needed more kick in my opinion. eric agrees.
we had eggcreams for dessert, and i haven't had one in...well...maybe ever? 
they were awesome
if i hadn't run out of pellegrino i'd be drinking one right now. 
try one, you won't be disappointed!

now, on to the movie...
i've wanted to see catfish since its release last year. 
it created a ton of buzz at sundance, and has been discussed on all the major networks, amongst major film critics, & even zach galifianakis. 
love him & all ("its a satchel!") though.

this film is crazy. in a good way.
its a documentary (the reality of which is questionable in my opinion, but the creators insist it is all completely true) surrounding the relationship between a man & a woman he meets online. 
more or less. 
i don't feel like i can write too much about this without spoiling the end, but its got some major twists and turns, and is one of those films that keeps the viewer guessing. i'm that girl who gets embarrassed for people on screen, and was squirming the whole time...but couldn't look away! and i'm glad i didn't. 
the outcome & fallout are much more relateable than i expected, which kind of freaks me out, and definitely makes me want to adjust the privacy settings on my fb account. 

eric & i watched inception the week prior, and were definitely exchanging the familiar "huh? wtf?!" expressions in the beginning of 
catfish as well.
but because we're geniuses we figured it out. 
we also think canada dry is for suckas. and i laughed so hard i was literally rolling on the floor. which is always good when you're with a friend, especially one who has known you a long time. it is also fantastic because the majority of my days are spent talking to, with, or about children. 
grown up time is crucial. 
(one can usually infer from my language just how much time i've had without my children around in regards to writing a blog post; in the case of this one, for example, not much. more big words next time.)

maybe next week we'll watch something that doesn't have me feeling like i need a xanax five minutes in.
that would be good.

if you've seen catfish i'd love to hear your thoughts.

*i promised my friend bobby i'd watch 
months ago. 

so that's what i'm watching & reviewing next! 
and after watching the full trailer five times 
in a row, i can't wait! 
the imagery alone is so gorgeous it makes me teary-eyed. honestly.
(drama, romance, musical, the south of france?! 
oui, s'il vous plait!)


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