Wednesday, June 1, 2011

...when i was in LA

(note to self: gotta watch that title. could have easily have accidentally written "AL", and then where would we be?)

more pics from my recent trip to los angeles
have me daydreaming...

yes. they are that good.
mox: superdog!
venice canals: so beautiful, quaint and unique!

i love that these kind of artful displays pop up everywhere in la; 
this had me mesmerized...
couldn't resist a trip to fred segal; how quintessentially california is this shot? love it! (btw, fred segal has yoga?! must check it out.)
can't help it. i did it for cher. 
no, not that cher.
this cher!
probably the worst picture of this venice sign ever...
but i had just a moment to pop out of the car and snap it. 
sooooooocool socal
the incredible view from the gorgeous room my husband surprised me with in marina del rey for the weekend; we decided to celebrate our anniversary early (6 years on june 8th! whoa!) since we most likely won't be together for the real thing. 
what an awesome surprise. he did good.
not only do i love the clothes, but the window display is genius! 
one particular dress had me mesmerized...then i saw that madonna's daughter lourdes wore a very similar one (by allsaints as well) to the vanity fair oscars party, AND annasophia robb wore it to the nickelodeon kids choice awards...

not so sure anyone over 30 (albeit someone barely 31 and who is uber-stylish and incredibly sexy at that, ahem) should try and pull this off...even if i could. but i so would try. 
after a very late night, more drinks than i should have had, 
and a hell of a good time... i felt like death. 
the omlette i got at Joe's in santa monica pretty much saved my life. 
i am trying to recreate it at home, and when i do, i will absolutely share its secrets with you. 
it is de-li-cious. 
and healthy.
if you consider bacon a vegetable.
drove all through la on saturday; it was a dream day. 
jack nicholson may or may not have almost pulled into our car on mulholland, then drove behind us for a good 10 minutes. 
i may or may not have "shared" a latte with the 
great rachel zoe at a coffee bean. 
(don't judge me for calling her "great"; i die for  her. 
you understand.) and that was it for celeb encounters.
unless of course you count me. 
i'm so major. maybe you've heard.
one of the many mint vintage cars i saw while visiting...
is that a thing here? 
if so, i'm diggin it. big time.

 views i had imagined for a very long time. 
you did not disappoint, california.
not a pine tree or cotton or kudzu in sight... i'm sure i'll miss lots about the south... but right now new sights are calling me.

 hungover but happy.
my buttons look stressed out.

 i'm definitely not sure if its ok to post pictures of random houses, but i was in beverly hills, they were gorgeous, and i had to.  
i literally hung my hand out the window and snapped away as we drove down the street.

 i know nothing about these properties nor who owns them, but they were cool, and i intend to know do my research when i move there. 
i like to know that kind of stuff. its how i roll. 

look ma! its the hollywood sign! no really, it is! see it, waaaaaaaay up there at the tippity top of those mountains? 
(ok so we drove past it a million times, but i never remembered to get a picture until we were standing here and i had a second... i was all, 'hey! its the hollywood sign!' click. i know.)
 we had pinkberry the last night i was there (i know, atliens, we have it here now, but i wanted to try it in la. :) 
and walked by these fun statues. 
what?! i have kids, ok?
 marina early morning on sunday before leaving. 

i had an amazing time. 
though to be fair, it had just as much to do with my company
as it did the locale. 
i can't wait to see you (both) again soon.


PS. bonus! my la soundtrack:
howlin' for you--the black keys
my body--young the giant
the smiths--girlfriend in a coma
switchblade--jenny and johnny
love her madly--the doors
something good can work--two door cinema club
we never change--coldplay
bethamphetamine--butch walker
moth's wings--passion pit
21, the entire album--adele

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  1. you are so hilar. although i am going to MISS YOU! you will love it out there!!! did you go to the coffee bean and tea leaf? my fave. although the stars go to urth coffee :)