Tuesday, August 2, 2011

boxes, boxes, everywhere

we're there, man.
holy crap you guys.
its been way too long.
my apologies for the lack of post.
i've missed you!

but wow, what a week i've had! 
saying goodbye to my east coast loved ones, 
flying across the country with my two girls and my dog
--yes, he flew in the cabin with us as one of my carry-ons, 
and yes, he was heavily xanax'ed--
(and yes, i had a bloody mary. or two. it was a 4+hr flight, and i'm glad i did, because otherwise we may not have had a cocktail napkin to capture this magic moment...
YOU try a cross country flight with these carry-ons and tell me you won't want a drink!) 

...then arriving to check out our new home which i hadn't 
even seen in person yet, 
(which we're loving, btw--brekkie in the garden has quickly become part of our new routine)
...having a visit from the tooth fairy herself
(bunny made a fairy house in the backyard as soon as we got here so that the TF would have a place to rest after flying all night...so sweet! i'm such a sucker for magic moments like this, and have been waiting to celebrate this one for a long time! there was glitter everywhere & apparently inflation has affected us all. or maybe daddy only had a $5 and a $10, and he thought the creepy drawings on the fiver were too much. so yeah. i'll be pulling my molars later in hopes to raise enough dough for some new loubs.)

...moving in and getting unpacked, 
not to mention living with my husband again 
for the first time in five months; 
its been a whirlwind! 

my head is still spinning, 
and i feel like i'm drowning in cardboard boxes, 
but, i must say, i'm elated. 
and so are my girls. 
having my little family together again, 
being in beautiful southern california, 
its incredible.
my whole life i've wanted to live in los angeles, 
and now i do. 
(flowers in the garden, oranges from a neighbor, 
& a santa monica sunset making it easy to love it here)

discovering this enormous city is proving to be such fun!
(sightseeing around town, including a stop at the jonathan adler store on melrose. so fun.)

i'm a complete mess with a map; lets just say i'm
"directionally challenged".
thank God for my iphone and google maps!
blogs are also proving a wonderful resource for things to do, insider tips, and local picks.
i look forward to sharing some of my new discoveries with you soon!
*up next: the museums of la, the rose bowl flea 
(DUH. been waiting to go to this for years. years.),
 the varnish (just for you, a!), and of course, drybar

after this article, how could i not?!

hang in there with me as i get back on schedule, and introduce you to some new features here on ye olde blog.

tomorrow i'm excited to share with you an interview with ladybadass tanya ryno.
(via vimeo)
she is a triple threat: producer, director, writer. 
one of THE rockstars behind SNL's TV Funhouse, 
among other award-winning projects, 
she was gracious enough to answer my questions in regards to her personal and professional life, share some sage words of advice, and even a favorite recipe.
trust me. she's legit
come back tomorrow and see why i have a major ladycrush going on.

i'm going to surf through the corrugated sea 
to find my bed now...
after all, it is already tomorrow on the east coast. 

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  1. Hey Cali is not that great, I lived there for some time and it was STUPID! Stupid!

    Still I miss it. Hope to go back some day for vacation. Not to live. I love the South. It's where I grew up.


    have fun.