Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween in the hills

saturday night was super fun. 
actually, one of the most fun nights i've had since moving to la. 
i went to a party in the hills at the gorgeous residence 
of a friend of a friend... 
who apparently has a lot of friends herself. 
there were hundreds of creatively costumed guests, three bars, valet parking, security, food, and one hell of a view. 
uh oh... looks like someone sold out.

remember my last post? 
yeah. well. i didn't have nearly enough time to get creative like i wanted to... so i took my hour and picked up a pre-packaged dorothy getup. 
i know.
my date. isn't she hot?
you know... cause she's a firefighter? 
pretty sure that is a regulation uniform, btw.

love these guys drinking together at the bar. 
there were a ton of different takes on the black swan... but these girls were my fave!
super chic, they put the costumes together themselves, 
and they were very sweet--not to mention hilarious. 
new friends!

toddlers & tiaras "mother"/daughter duo... in character all night! they were awesome.
i would have had a great photo op with this khal drogo if i had gone as khaleesi! 

andy garcia was so there.

omg! jesus christ church of latter day saints guys... complete with backpacks and bike helmets... and incredible name tags! ha!
this girl walked in and everyone was blown away!
she's like...a...faun? i think its called? 
get this: she made the costume herself. 
as in, all of it.
these would be hooves. with feathers and sequins! 
steve jobs.
he actually looked a lot like him. 
(love the "mail order bride" in the background!)
my absolute favorite costume of the night! 
oh, how i love you.
it was a blast. 

have you seen any super creative costumes thus far this year?

happy halloween!  


  1. holy crap, what a party! the faun thing is amazing, loved the anna wintour, not embarrassed to say i have no idea what junice is...and so what of you sold still looked great and your hands were free for drinking and photo taking...that's all that matters, right?
    so fun! kinda jelly.

  2. That must have taken her a while to sew on those damn sequins. Your boobies look super big in the first pic. I miss my super big boobies. They are now deflated.

  3. B, mine are somewhat national geographic, but that corset pushes them up to my chin! i could have taken a nap there. :)