Friday, October 28, 2011

sexy little conundrum

year after year, without fail, whenever this weekend draws near, women everywhere are faced with the age old dilemma: 
which direction am i going to go with my 
halloween costume this year? 

sexy ___________? 

(i mean, really? this is a thing?! sads.)

(animal/comic book character/secretary/french maid/fairy tale or fabled character/cheerleader/nurse/etc of your choice)
(i'm sorry. i couldn't resist. this is hilarious.)

a pre-packaged _____________ costume from party city or the grocery store or a gas station pop up tent?
(super mario bros? best idea ever! ummmmm no. cleopatra? cheapest, most see-through fabric ever. trust me on this one.)

or creative ____________? 
(i know! i'll be pi. yup, as in 3.14259165! or an m&m! or the bird from twitter! or pull something from my closet that ends up looking like madonna or janis joplin or holly golightly, because that's what i have on hand. no wait! i'll put balloons all over myself and be a grape. yes. definitely a grape.)

check out these rad drawings by jillian tamaki
that so brilliantly illustrate the absurdity of it all...

(via thehairpin, or her website

my favorite is the "sexy first edition of old man & the sea". or "sexy inflammatory email". "sexy inexplicable melancholy!" 
hell, i can't choose. 
these are friggin genius!

i have been invited to a swanky halloween party in the 
hollywood hills this weekend 
(the kind where there's "security" and a "major guest list"), 
to which i must wear a costume.
i'm trying to decide which way to go with it. 

here are the ideas in my head thus far:
(which very well may change when i go to the store. 
tomorrow. of course.)
(via voxtur)
margot tenenbaum?

(via myitthings)
chic joan of arc?

(via wikia)
daemerus targaryen, khaleesi from hbo's game of thrones.
i'm a complete nerd. i know.

 (via artisalive)
mad men style? 

(via amoxiefashionista)
marie antoinette?
i've got the girls for it... and i've always wanted to wear a dress and have hair like this. and look at the purple hair! LOVE.

hmmm... still working on it. 

my favorite so far, though? 

these insanely cool roy lichtenstein looks come-to-life, created by karin stone for m.a.c. cosmetics! 
are you kidding me?! 

methinks i will need a trial run first, obvi. 
hmmmmm. tomorrow night? 

after i spend some time looking around for costumes and rule out 
going as courtney stodden. or a kardashian.

are you dressing up this year? as what?
give me your best costume ever ideas... lets hear it!



  1. Love your blog! Those "sexy" costume drawings are hilarious - I never go the sexy route, usually the nerd route for sure. I recommend you go as Count Dorkula, I promise it will be a hit! :) See here:

  2. Love the illustrations! the sexy inflammatory email is the best! and just so we're straight, there's NOTHING nerdy about Game of Thrones. period.
    post photos!