Thursday, October 27, 2011

thank you

i am so blown away by the response from this morning's post. 
thank you all so much for the love! 
this has been by far one of my most popular posts; i have received so many tweets, DM's, emails, and messages on fb about it, and i'm so happy that you all read it... and didn't totally write me off!
so many of you share my story, and are fighting your own battles with depression; some have had relationships with a spouse or parent going through it; all of you were truly supportive and i am so humbled by the kind words i received from those of you i've never even met!
i honestly didn't write this fishing for any sort of compliment or reaction at all, really, but i'm so glad that  my brutal honesty was so well-received. thank you for that.

i apologize if i underestimated you all.
turns out nicholson was wrong; you can, indeed, handle the truth.
as this wee little corner of the internet evolves, and i find the specific voice for this blog, i promise to always be honest with you, and to work toward a more consistent format which will inspire and inform you, make you laugh, make you think, and give you insight into my life... because i have a lot of adventure and love to share. 

thank you, thank you, thank you.
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  1. thank YOU-
    I sent that post to my kids--hoping it could help them
    big hug