Monday, October 24, 2011

whistle for willie pt 2

picking up from where we left off earlier with our 
whistle for willie

inspired finds...

and now, for a little polyvore action.
(i can't help it. my magazine cutout collages always ruled back in the day, so naturally i would love this.)
whistle for willie

birdie's room is done in this color scheme; if i can clean it up in the next day or two, i'll try and remember 
to post a pic of it. 
its so happy and outgoing. just like my girl. 

in a room, i see it like this:
whistle for willie pt 2

PS. that's my girl mfamb's painting above the crib; i know, right? she's got more where that came from...check it out here

i want to plan a party and meals around this palette, too!
i know. i'm a bit much. 
welcome to accessible excess. 
shiny, happy photos. 


  1. hey dude! that's my painting! word to your bird.

  2. YUP. Yup it is. its sourced on the polyvore site...but not outright here...must be remedied! its GORGE, btw. can't wait to see how fast it sells! xo