Thursday, October 20, 2011

i hear disco music!

so tuesday night there was a party at studio 54.
yes, that studio. 
sirius xm reopened the club, "for one night only", to celebrate the launch of its latest station, inspired by the legendary club.
a fabulous mix of "beautiful nobodies and gorgeous celebrities", a la the door policy of years ago, packed into the space at 254 W Fifty Fourth Street for a night of epic proportions.

a few of the a-list in attendance:
(via justjared)
cam, naomi & bar. my girls. 
the donald and melania
the lovely liya kebede
bar rafaeli. seriously? 
this is how amazing she looks in a plain white t-shirt. 
i kind of want to hate her. but i just can't!
oh, cameron. when are you going to realize we were meant to be 
patti hansen. killing it in leather.

someone i would never have expected to see at this party?
martha herself. 
little do you know she used to go by the nickname 
dirty party marty... 
sweet emma roberts... was just a gleam in her parents' eyes when the original club was in its heyday. 
she looks...? (fill in the blank, it'll be fun.)
alexandra richards. 
at the club with her parents. 
supercool or ubercreepy?
i, for one, would jump at the chance to see my mom do the cabbage patch to a donna summer soundtrack... but... her parents don't look like they do the cabbage patch.

exhibit a.
keith richards and the aforementioned patti hansen. 
supercool, am i right?!
lady bunny and pat field. 
can you imagine?! oh, how glorious.
i'll bet pat could tell us a story or nine... 
if she could remember them.
obviously if you're going to party here, you've got to dress the part.

it got me thinking... if it were the swinging seventies, and i were one of the lucky attendees at studio, just what would i wear?
i think this would do.
studio 54

a girl can dream, right?


(all photos via unless otherwise noted)

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  1. is it just me, or are Donald and Melania Trump looking strangely alike these days? long as I don't have to hear her fuckingvoice, I'm fine. It was funny when she was just snippets among others, but a whole show of her skinny ass whiny droning...shoot me. Her husband is a saint.