Tuesday, October 18, 2011

return of the MAC!

first i was all

then i was all

and now i'm like 

oh, how i've missed you!!!
seriously, you guys. 
this mac is about to blow your minds.

just as soon as i figure out how to use it. 

my pc-minded brain is already exploding with awesomeness.
the picture clarity is beyond awesome.
and i'm in love. 

i drank the kool-aid, 
and it, friends, is delicious.

i've got some super cool stuff coming your way; 
i mean, its only been friggin weeeeeeks!
(you look great, by the way.)

i can't wait to catch you up on what we've been up to, 
and what i have planned for the blog! 
oh the fun we're going to have... 

and yeah. i plan on being this sunshine-y happy for a minute. 
so deal. 


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