Sunday, December 18, 2011

be my guest

i'm so excited i can barely contain myself. 
my big sister is coming to LA to visit! 
for ten days!
i love having guests, especially one i haven't seen in far too long; she's flying across the country to spend the holidays 
(and my birthday!) with us... its extra special. 
not to mention our first official houseguest since the move. 
needless to say, its important that i have 
the guest room outfitted appropriately. 

being a good hostess is very important, and in my opinion there are a few key ingredients to creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes guests feel at home. 

it goes without saying that a cozy & clean place to sleep is a must. whether your guests have an entire wing to themselves or a murphy bed in the butler's pantry, giving your guests the best you have to offer in the bedding department is essential.

further, i always have a carafe of fresh water 
and clean glasses at the bedside table. 
a small plate or tray of fruit, crackers, or some other 
type of snack is also appreciated; 
be aware of any food allergies in advance, and plan accordingly. 

i love using my family silver for these occasions; a recent guest told me "not to go to any trouble", 
and i told her it wasn't any trouble at all--and i meant it. 
it is one of life's great pleasures to host company, and if you're not going to use the good stuff for your nearest and dearest, 
who are you going to use it for? 
 in addition to refreshments, a pad of paper and a pen 
on the side table is always helpful. 
you never know when you might need to jot something down. 
taking that idea a step further, wouldn't it be lovely to visit someone and see your own personal stationary by the bedside? 
consider treating your extra special guests to the gift of correspondence; i promise they won't soon forget the favor!

another thoughtful touch that always makes guests feel extra special--like you took the time to think of everything--is a framed photo of them (and their husband/family/etc),
displayed somewhere in their room. 
what a great way to show the love! 
trust me when i tell you, guests love this. 
wouldn't you?

in the bathroom, my guests enjoy fresh, clean towels folded on a stool or chair, rolled onto a tray on the counter, or stacked neatly on a shelf--whatever you're working with. 
an assortment of fresh, full toiletries await in the vanity area.
clean, monogrammed "guest" robes hang nearby, 
and plush slippers are lined up neatly on a tray on the floor.

here's another opportunity to take the visit to the next level; consider giving your guest their very own (new) monogrammed robe to use while they are there, then to take home with them. 
who wouldn't love that? 

there are many ways which you can make your guests feel special; putting the time, energy & thought into it is everything.
whether its a hand-picked bouquet from your garden in a vase by the bed, custom gifts as i previously mentioned, or just a cozy, clean space, making them feel welcome ensures you'll create an environment that will beckon guests back time & time again.

what kinds of things do you do to make visitors 
feel welcome at your house? 

(all images via pinterest unless otherwise noted)

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  1. I need some new stationary - i'm coming to stay at your house (even though i live 20 minutes away!) LOL