Monday, December 12, 2011

gifts for girls, affordable version

so i've been thinking
(not to mention shopping)
about gifts for girls, and thought i'd share 
some of my finds with you.

when putting together a gift, i really like to get a couple of things, if possible, and kind of tie the items together
--as much as it pains me to use this term--around a theme.
kids gifts
i'd wrap the book & shoes either together or stacked, & have the clip on the outside of the package. better yet, put them all into a bag she can re-use (a backpack? tote bag?)
kids gifts

super cute, right?
i'm kind of in love with suejean rim, and birdie's big girl shoes has been a favorite of my birdie's for over a year now. 
can't wait to read her latest, birdie's big girl dress!

food for thought. 
what are you gifting the little ones in your life this holiday?
more gift ideas--for boys, too!--later today. 

*ps. apparently i'm experiencing some technical difficulties in the polyvore department. make that operator error difficulties. once i have more than five minutes to fix it, i'll get right on that. :)

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