Thursday, December 8, 2011

ray of sunshine

hi y'all. 
i hope you're having a wonderful wednesday.
(gah. that sounds awful, like something they say at one of those horrible offices where "hawaiian shirt day" still exists. 
"its wonderful wednesday! bring your favorite quiche to share!" nothing against quiches, but still.)

so. yeah. 
i know its pinbinge wednesday, but, 
i'm kind of having a week.

aside from getting sick, not getting enough sleep, etc., i am
--and i'm sure i'm not alone here--
scrambling to get the christmas cards, holiday gift shopping, crafting, memory-making, movie watching, stocking monogramming, gingerbread decorating, hot cocoa sipping, classroom project creating, teacher gift buying, don't-forget-to-do-that-because-goodness-knows-we'll-never-have-christmas-again things, all done
and man, is it a challenge!  
(tim walker via)
what exactly did they do before iphones, the internet, 
malls, and target, i ask you?!  
cavemen were happy with a sharp rock or a new variety of grub to enjoy; my mother tells me of when she was little and would go to the 5 and dime ... "some people got glue, some got pencils..."; now every morning i wake up to a brand new batch of 
gift guides in my face via my inbox 
(which i feel obliged to read, every last one of 'em), 
sale after sale of the latest and greatest 
(its the "time is almost almost running out" sale!), 
and i am 


if you've read this blog for more than five minutes you may have picked up on more than my incredible good looks and acerbic wit.
i have a tendency to go all in. 
as in, or nothing. 
go big or go home. 
its how i roll.
i am trying to evolve, honest i am; 
its just a slow process for us over-doers. 

i saw a few things today that were kind of awesome. 
lucky for you i share. 

the dear anne sage 
posted this earlier on fb; i read it, agreed with its awesomeness, and had to share:
(or 35, or 45+... some are relevant to us ALL!)
via shauna niequist for relevant magazine. 
goooooood stuff.

i have hashitmotos thyroiditis. 
(no, i know what you're thinking, its not another term for amazingly awesome. i know!)
its a super frustrating auto immune disease that causes all sorts of fun symptoms, and generally affects my well being and all around heath and frame of mind. super fun, right?!
after fighting this disease for more than 10 years, i am finally finding some light, truth, and action i can take to really heal. 
so exciting!

if you have any auto immune issues (or really any health issues at all, are curious about quitting sugar, finding a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow, or befriending a unicorn, this is for you!)

sara wilson, i love you.

i hope you all are enjoying your quiches (with wine, duh), and that this helps make your wednesday a little more wonderful. 
who knows? 
you may just want to go and put on a hawaiian shirt. 


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