Tuesday, December 27, 2011

we have one villa available...

and its priceless. 

yesterday we had the pleasure of visiting 
the getty villa in malibu. 

sister to the getty center in los angeles, which houses art from the middle ages to present day, the getty villa is an educational center and museum which showcases art from 
ancient greece, rome, & etruria. 
both magnificent properties boast stunning landscapes, gardens & architecture, each in its own setting and style. 
the getty center has become a regular in my rotation since we moved to los angeles four months ago, and after visiting the getty villa yesterday, it will definitely be added to the lineup. 

taking the girls was a breeze, as they had plenty of space outdoors to run and play in, and they even had a kids' room where they could decorate "ancient pottery" with dry erase markers...

recreate scenes from ancient times...
...learn how pottery is made, and more! 
the reflecting pool and surrounding gardens were gorgeous. 
seriously. i could live here. 
i need to live here. 
(no pressure, dave.)

remind me next time i visit to wear a long, floaty dress to waltz around the gardens in. 
attention to detail was paramount; even the floors were gorgeous.

i was really hoping to hear "a gentleman will be by with your bags in a moment"... 

ain't that the truth?!
tip up your cups!

it was breathtaking. 

the fact that i got to experience it with my sister, who has a very strong art history background, was a major plus. 
not to mention, having someone by my side who is just as much a gushing, excited-to-be-here, loving-every-moment-of-this persona as i am 
is beyond comforting. 
and fun as hell. 

today we're headed to the beach to film some flashback scenes in a new film where bunny is playing the younger version of a certain disney star... more on that later. 

oh. and my birthday is tomorrow.
which is super fun and all (i love birthdays, even my own)... except that it means my sister leaves the next day. 

but! i think she's fallen enough in love with SoCal to consider the big move west after nursing school is done next year. 

fingers crossed.

i hope you all are coming out from under the holiday hangover and basking in all that 2011 has left to offer. 
which, really, is whatever you make it. 

(i have to feel this way. having a birthday in between christmas and new years necessitates in one a certain sense of optimism after being double-gifted and ho-hummed most of your life. :)

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