Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas traditions

holiday season is in full swing:
colorful envelopes peek out of our mailboxes, 
packages arrive upon our doorsteps, 
lights twinkle on frosty branches, 
carols play in cars, elevators & stores, 
shoppers hustle to scoop up last minute gifts.

i love the holidays!

creating special, unique memories are paramount this time of year. 
especially when you have children. 
especially when you're me.

but lets back up a second.
there's something you should know.
honest as the jolly old elf himself -- 
i believed in santa until i was thirteen years old. 


when i was eleven i had an ugly-cry-style breakdown
 in the laundry room, where i yelled at my poor mum 
("how could you lie to me like that?!")
and thought i'd never believe in anything again...
until i got a letter in the mail, addressed from the north pole, signed, sealed, delivered--and not in a script that i recognized. 
it was real
i believed. 
(well. sorta. i still don't know how she did it!)

today i continue choosing to believe, and having children of my own takes the magic to a whole new level. 
creating magic happens to be one of my favorite things
--a specialty, if you will--
so when the holiday season rolls around, you can expect things like this in our house:


i'm that girl who puts "santa's" boot prints and magic fairy dust at the bottom of the chimney on christmas eve. 

you may recall how i deal with the tooth fairy. 

i also really love creating our christmas cards.
these are our "cards" from last year.
this year, since we moved across the country & i'm still unpacking my crafty stuff (its a mess. must remedy that soon!), 
i think we've earned the right to do a regular card...
still kicking myself for not taking advantage of calliespondence's sale before halloween! next year. mark my words.

as kids, on christmas eve, my brother, sister & i would get to open one gift before bed time. it was always a tough choice; do we go with the wild card from a distant aunt & uncle, or more of a safe bet (but it could be socks?!) from mom & dad... 

david and i have continued that tradition with our girls, and i conveniently orchestrate it so that they open up their 
"christmas pj's" every time. 
control issues, much? much too much. thanks. 

of course we also bake cookies for santa, leave out some reindeer food, carrots & celery -- personally, i think the big guy appreciates a vegetable option-- and milk on christmas eve.  

what traditions do you & your family have to celebrate the season?

i think i'll have to cover our christmas day traditions in a separate post; there are recipes involved. 
sweet, delicious, recipes. 

bunny came home sick from school yesterday, poor baby, so she's home with me today... i have christmas cookies to bake for a swap party at school on friday, a very special houseguest to prep for, decorations to create for our christmas service at church next week, and this event tonight:

i'm excited! hope to see some of you there. 
will be missing the rest of you. 

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  1. you are so cute with your traditions!! how sweet. and girl, you're good to get cards out with all you've got going on. i swear i almost ditched my own after doing eleventy billion others...but i already had sent them off to the printer. but i did think about it. miss you! xo