Tuesday, December 6, 2011

happy birthday mfamb

this is my dear friend jenny, aka mfamb
aka my sisterwife fo life.

(isn't she gorge?! those legs are legit, y'all!)

today is her birthday.
happy birthday, lovey!

i miss her dearly, seeing as how she's on one side of the country and i'm on the other.

last year we were here
 boozing it up and eating delicious french food. 

but since i can't do that this year...
lets hop back on that imaginary plane 
and go celebrate. 

first, we'd stop here 
for cocktails and provisions.

then travel onward to here

where we would have the men play outdoors with the children so we could relax, drink wine, read mags & blogs, relax, watch movies, cook & eat amazing food, relax, drink wine... 

i'd also ask a favor and get the yet-to-be-released new season of this:
and we would watch it and drink tea cocktails 
and speak in our best accents... 
(which we always do on the phone. you should hear it.) 
it would be glorious.

and then we'd go here for adventures.

and more eating. and more drinking.
then we'd leave the childrens with the supernanny
(she doesn't like to be without her girl for long, nor do i... we'd bring em with, duh)

and the "grown-ups" would go here to party for the night.

then we'd all go here for a family weekend. 

we would spin around in this field, singing at the tops of our lungs, sound of music style. 

we would enjoy a private concert from them:
we would all become fast friends.

i would give her these.

and we would celebrate with this.
happy times.

(ok, since we couldn't do all that, i'll just send flowers. 
i love you, j.)


(all images via mfamb and pinterest unless otherwise noted.)


  1. I love your blog; love hers too... sorry I don't comment a lot, but I read whatever you post! Love everything!!! Keep on keepin' it real, yo.