Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mags and lattes

happy tuesday, friends.

in need of some major holiday spirit in the form of 
(free!) inspiration?!
look no further. 
one of my favorite online mags' holiday issue is out today!

trust me when i tell you, its worth your time.

delicious--and i mean delicious!--food spreads?

creative gift-wrapping and crafting...
and gifting ideas?

gorgeous interiors?
possibly the most ingeniously styled food shoot ever?! 

go here for sweet paul. 

i'm grabbing a latte (make it a double, natch)
and am going to settle in for some reading time... 
as soon as i can get birdie occupied. 

check back later this afternoon for my first ever giveaway!!!

1 comment:

  1. all i remember from the food eye coma i got while reading it was that sinful chocolate mousse recipe. i need 5 bowls to put some of the fat back on my bones.