Thursday, November 17, 2011

leatha weatha

last night i went out for wine with some new girlfriends.

it was delicious. 
we drank barbera (cantina tre serre), which is a totally affordable yet beautiful wine. 
definitely adding this to my regular rotation! 
we ate fried cauliflower (i know--it was ridiculously good!) 
and absolutely delicious crispy white polenta with wild mushrooms, a fried egg, & parmigiano-reggiano on top. insane.

much needed quality girl time was had by all, and while the menu and bar offerings had me salivating for more, it was one of my girlfriend's outfits that really had me hungry. 

thus, i give you, a case for leather leggings. 
(its leatha weatha, after all.)

i'm discovering that in la, its harder than i had thought to dress appropriately. the weather goes from 50 to 90 in the course of a day, so layering is essential. i'm getting that part down.
but converting from east coast formalities in dressing to a more laid-back, casual yet still stylish wardrobe is something i have to work on. 
i've been admiring leather leggings from afar for at least two winters now, and i think this is the year i have to go for it. 
they're super versatile; its la after all , so i can wear them during the day with a floaty button down, oversized knit, or asymmetrical tee and my beat up biker boots. with my kid in tow. 
then i can dress them up for evening cocktails and pair them with a sexier top or a tuxedo or boyfriend jacket and stilettos, as my girlfriend did last night. 

chic and sexy, versatile enough 
to go wherever the night may take you. 

here are some options that have been floating around in my head all day:
via tumblr
via 9to5chic (those shoes! i die.)
via fashion salade
via refinery29
aerin lauder at her winter home in leather leggings.
via pinterest

not to be mistaken for my spring break circa 2001 leggings
--forever affectionately known as "plastic pants"--
this look is classy and chic, 
and i can't wait to get some!

do you have any? do you, too, love this look, or are you going to try and tell me i can't pull this look off as a mother of 2?

(just so you know, i won't listen if you do try and talk me out of it. i'm stubborn that way. and i have a small ass. but thanks.)


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