Friday, November 11, 2011

friday playlist

happy friday! you made it through. 
here's a little of what i've been listening to this week.
(please feel free to chime in any of these weeks, as always, with your own faves and new finds. xo)

oooooohhhhhh butch. 
you had me since #4 back in the day.

mr. saadiq. hotness.

grounds for divorce,
by elbow.
go here to check it out.

good stuff. 

behold the hurricane! this is so on my long distance running playlist. you know, for those long saturday morning 3-milers. ;)

go here for the leaked preview of madonna's forthcoming single, give me all your love.
what do you think?!


check out this legendary-ness.

now go have some cocktails. 

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