Friday, November 11, 2011

that not so fresh feeling

these days, all the triple threats out there are 
one upping the next guy by branding
you know what i mean.
actors, athletes, designers, celebrities of all sorts have to keep up with the increasingly rapid pace of becoming/being/staying famous and relevant; in this age of social media-saturated culture, creating a brand seems to be one of 
the best ways to do that. 

lately there have been some interesting new players in the field of the branding game...

mr. karl "divine" lagerfeld, aka "the prince of fashion" 
designs a glassware collection for orrefors.

champagne flutes reportedly starting at $130. 
(the shape is VERY similar to my crate and barrel wine glasses, but still. i do love that milky white...)
available in a limited release january 25.

while she's certainly no stranger to branding, what with her eponymous clothing, home, handbag, shoe & fragrance collections, 
i couldn't resist but tell you...
diane von furstenburg has created a line for baby gap & gap kids, said to launch in march of next year. 
(diaaaaannnnn! i looooove you!)
the company apparently needs a little shot in the arm; they've had "disappointing" sales figures for over a year in the adult division, which resulted in the firing of patrick robinson, the company's superstar chief designer last spring.
(aufedersein! ouch.)
personally, i can't wait to see mini wrap dresses and dvf's beautiful prints in pint size; bring on the lookbook, i say!

and then there's this...

gwen stefani's harajuku mini collection for target launches mañana, and i would be remiss not to mention it. 
some of my faves above. wonder if my girls will be into it? 
are you planning on buying any of the above designers' 
latest wares?
 or are you over it all? 

i'm in a phase where i feel like its kind of all been seen, done, recycled, and had a reality show made about it... in other words,  finding fresh inspiration can be difficult. 
but then again, just by stepping outside into some lovely LA fall weather, tickling and laughing with my girls for 30 minutes straight on my bed (topped with my fave winter comforter), or day-tripping around town, ducking into coffee shops and boutiques or finding estate sales chock full o vintage designer-y stuff... i find myself renewed, refreshed, and once again excited about what the visionaries of the world (established as those above or new and unknown) have to create for and show to us. 


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