Wednesday, November 9, 2011

pinbinge wednesday!

happy wednesday, y'all!

i've decided to make an attempt to have a regular rotating schedule with my posts... starting now!

its the middle of the week; what better time to serve up some serious eye candy and delicious inspiration, 
courtesy of pinterest?!

(if you don't know, you MUST go. like now. then come back.)
i pin almost everyday; i pin independently as i peruse the internets, and i pin from my "friends" who also pin and 
share their finds on the site. 
oh, and there's the addictive app! for pinning on the go!

so without further ado, i give you, my favorite pins of the week!
 luxuriously laid back... i want this in mon maison en france.

 "the most perfect nude lip ever?"
(i'll let you know.)
 office inspiration... i need a clean, stylish, 
somewhat minimal space. 
 obsessed with just about everything in this photo. that lamp is DUMB--I adore its golden, shiny, raw stoney aesthetic; juxtaposed against the rusty, chippy beauty of the bed, the natural, linear beauty of the stump side table... i DIG it.
i saw snow-capped mountains last week and about fell out. 
i need to go skiing this year. 
this is in canada, but reminds me of bachelor gulch. 
aspen dreams...sigh...

i adore pom poms. maybe its the cheerleader in me, who knows.
and um, is that a stuffed pony on her necklace?! dying!
bunny would adore this. she's been asking me to do some crafting for mommy quality time this week... 
think i just found our project!
serenity now! 
this living rooms kills it. that black wall, 
and still so much warmth. love. 
make this my shoe closet, fairy godperson? please? like now?!
 my fabulously talented girlfriend nicole over at sketch42 got me hooked on this crewcuts jeweled collar. i'm convinced i can make it myself... we'll see. 
 dying to find a tuxedo to wear to holiday cocktail parties...
ideally one that doesn't make me look ridiculous.
superfab emily schuman of cupcakes and cashmere whipped up this little storage system for her sunnies... completely brill in my opinion! i need to make this happen, toute suite!

precious, no? if only i could sew for real. 
cause in my opinion, sewing a straight  seam for curtains ain't exactly sewing a dress. perhaps i just need more practice.  
 my everything. 
rachel zoe, spring 2012. collection. 
could she be more chic? (short answer: nope.)
 i love a custom paint job. 
in my mind i can do this myself... 
though i fear it may wind up looking a hot mess. 
when we move into the "hopefully forever" house (still looking),
 i just may have to give this a go.
we have a rather nondescript bookcase built into our (rental) kitchen... its been challenging trying to make it work. 
seems to me this beauty is a little bit bar, a little bit library, a little bit curated treasure trove, a whole lotta fabulous. 
 the hair and maquillage from louis vuitton's spring 2012 show is blowing my mind right now. LOVE it all. 
'scuse me, i'm headed out to buy lashes in bulk. 
rz's insanely good dining room. really love it.
 i imagine myself and my new la friends looking just like this. 
 my ultimate dining room table. the oval, marble-topped saarinen. 
 this bright, colorful room makes me happy! 
methinks yellow window tx's may have to happen. soon.
i don't have many opportunities to wear my hunter wellies, but with gorgeous leggings like these and an oversized knit, i think i'd have reason enough.
 starting to make my lists for holiday gifts...
slightly blasphemous in my world as thanksgiving hasn't happened yet, but i'm determined to get at least my christmas gifts across the country on time this year. 

hope you enjoyed my finds...
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