Sunday, November 6, 2011

girls night out tote

girls night out?
as we discussed in the previous post, a good hostess gift can make all the difference. 
i like to come prepared. 
new years eve, bachelor/ette parties, birthdays; 
any of these events warrant a survival tote of this nature. 
a bag full of "meds" of many kinds; always stands out amongst the bottles of booze everyone brings to the party. 
once you've enjoyed too much bottle service, 
this bag o tricks will cure what ails you.

trust me, your guest of honor will appreciate it!

*a stylish tote she can re-use later containing advil liquigels, a hot water bottle, pepto, coconut water--its more gentle and hydrating than gatorade, trust me--voss sparkling water, revive eye cream, a cozy wrap and eye mask, bagels & cream cheese--the only thing i want to eat when i've over-imbibed--my favorite coffee, light reading material and some classic, girly movies. all perfect accompaniments for a recovery day in bed.*

post-bachelorette party tote


1 comment:

  1. i want that tote on a regular day. i want that tote everyday.
    bring it to me right now.