Thursday, November 24, 2011

ever so thankful

happy thanksgiving, all!

i am more thankful this year than any other...
maybe being across the country from my extended family has made me appreciate them even more
--which is a tall order, 
because i appreciate my amazing family a LOT--
or maybe its because this move and subsequent bliss has been the culmination of a very stressful season of change in our lives.  being baptized recently (that story coming soon!)
and truly recognizing the sweetness of God's grace in my life  
is definitely playing a huge part. 

but the why is not important in this case. 

the what and the who, however, is. 

i am incredibly thankful for my beautiful family. 
my daughters who inspire me and fill my heart with joy; who teach me about patience, welcome me into their imaginations, and trust me with their dreams every day. 

my amazing husband, who i am so happy to be "doing life with".
he absolutely thrills me and continues to surprise and inspire me; this time two years ago, we were in a very different place in our marriage. i wasn't sure we'd make it. 
well, we have, and we are. i'm so thankful for his unshakable faith in me, his renewed faith in God, his incredibly generous heart, keen business mind, and unique talents. 
i'm so lucky!

(i'm sorry, but anyone who runs for charity in a SPEEDO is a keeper in my book.)

i'm so grateful for my soulmate of a younger brother, with whom i can recite entire movie scripts verbatim, send ridiculous picture texts to then receive a witty reply in 2 seconds flat. i'm so grateful and proud that he is serving our country, and is one of the bravest people i know.

i'm so grateful for his wife, my sister in law, who loves him and makes him so happy. her love, humor, and focused determination has been such an anchor in their lives, and i can't imagine a better partner for my brother--fortunately for me, she is also a treasured friend whom i love so much.

i'm so grateful for my best friend of an older sister, who has the most kind, loving, generous spirit i've ever known. she inspires me while showing incredible grace in the midst of significant challenges & change in her life, excelling in nursing school, being a bootcamp coach, and creating the future she knows she deserves. 

i'm so thankful for my older brother. 
he is and has always been everything an older brother should be. growing up i idolized him, and pretty much still think he hung the moon. i am so lucky to feel close to him, even though my life gets crazy and i don't call enough. his family is so beautiful, and i long to squeeze all of his gorgeous girls and tell them how much i love them in person. i want to hang out with his wife and laugh at old stories he and i could tell her about our daddy. 

speaking of daddy, this is, i think, my 16th thanksgiving without him. its so hard to believe sometimes, but i am still so thankful for the time i had with him, the memories we made, and for the person who having (and losing) him in my life has made me.

i'm so grateful for my mama.
i can't write this without crying.
my mother is beyond words, and i love her so very much.
my heart aches at how much i miss her. 
having a true friend in my mother is such a gift, and i am so thankful for mine. realizing your parent isn't perfect is a tough lesson to learn, but when that person is amazing, and you get to love them and have an honest relationship with them, its so beautiful. i will miss her today. she laughs at my jokes, teaches me (among other important life lessons) the latest apps to use and the latest big words she's learned, shares vuittons and choos and bottegas with me, will listen for hours as i rattle on about my "stuff", and really just loves me. 
i could really use a hug from my mama today.

i'm grateful for my stepdad, who loves her, and is a solid partner for her. 
i'm thankful for my grandmother; she is a graceful woman made of steel, who has been through more in her life than i can imagine. she is constantly inspiring, and also says hilarious things after a couple glasses of chardonnay that become part of the family vernacular. 
("how big is your head?!")

i'm grateful for my extended family, who i think about every day. for their acerbic wit, hilarious stories, loving hearts, and enthusiastic support. i miss them so much, and as they are spread across the country from texas to maine and boston, from indianapolis to florida, i hope they know how much they are loved and appreciated. 

i am grateful for my friends, who love me from long distance, from st. croix to denver to nyc to to boston to fl to atlanta, via twitter in st. barth's, or email in the uk... i love having such special people in my life who inspire me, support me, make me laugh, let me talk, love it when i listen, and continue to care about my life and my family's happiness. i have some seriously amazing friends. they have given more than i ever anticipated to help me get through the toughest times in my life, and i am eternally grateful. 

i am especially thankful for the new friends i'm making in california. may they be patient and understanding when i feel the need for a dance break in the grocery store; may they not be freaked out when i leave flowers on their doorstep; may they 'get' me. :)

man i love you all so much.

i am thankful for the spiritual guides and role models in my life. 
learning how to be the child of God i am has been such a wonderful journey, and i am so thankful to have beautiful, inspirational christians who are mature in their relationship with Him who help show me the way. 

i am so thankful for a Father who loves me, who created me, who guides me and uplifts me and makes all in my life work together for good. i am grateful and eternally thankful for the gift of His Son, through whom i have eternal life. i am so thankful to know Him, to walk hand in hand with Him, and to live this beautiful life full of bountiful blessings because of Him.

***last, but not least, i'm thankful for YOU, dear readers.*** 
this humble little space has been such a wonderful form of expression for me, and i can't tell you how much i appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read anything i've written. there's more to come!

...if you made it this far down...
wherever you are, home or away, i hope you have a fabulous thanksgiving. give generously of your time and talents, enjoy some delicious food, football, cocktails and pumpkin pie, 
and be thankful. 


thanksgiving decor inspiration via lonny


  1. Bwaaaaaaaanh! I started crying and then I remembered:
    See you soon!

  2. thanks so much, all of you. love love lovefest!