Tuesday, November 29, 2011

late night lingerie


the victoria's secret fashion show airs 
tonight at 10pm EST on CBS.

(miranda kerr kills it.)

oh i'm sorry, you just had a baby...like 6 months ago. 
shame you didn't lose all that... wait. 

will you be watching?


photos via google, examiner, cbs news, fashionista blog, wwd


  1. ok, it is just SO not fair that she gets to look like that postpartum. where is the muffin top? the stretch marks? the late night ice cream damage? what a bitch.

  2. i watched about 10 minutes of that shit last night and was like, really?
    this is why we all have eating disorders and constantly think about how we look.

    i have read admission from those girls themselves that they don't eat anything or even drink water the day of those shows.

    it's madness.
    it sends the wrong message.
    and it's wrong.
    i hate it for fiona.
    i hate it for ailey and emme.

    and yes, i am guilty of buying into it too.

  3. preach, my sisters!!! i totally agree with both of you. i say we do a "real" women's lingerie runway show... i can rock my c-section scar along with my amazing quads (earned by squatting down to talk to my littles every day), super-defined triceps & biceps (earned by picking them up every day), and national geographic-worthy E-cups. it will be breathtaking. anyone? anyone???

  4. I can honestly say I look better after I had my kid then before. I have no stretch marks or cellulite. So child birth to me was GREAT!

    They look hot in those costumes, especially Miranda.