Monday, November 14, 2011

birth announcement beauty

i am quite the lucky duck to have some really fabulous friends.
friends with true style about them, who seem to do things just right. to have it all together.

callie burnette, of calliespondence fame, is one of them. 
(i am not, fyi, one who has it all together, 
but i get gold stars for my very eager attempts.)

the other day i got this fabulous piece of mail, announcing
--ever so stylishly--
the birth of callie & her adorable husband brandon's latest, gorgeous, addition:  their daughter catherine.

they call her "rinne". is she not the sweetest thing?
already so chic, and she's not even sitting up by herself. 

is this not the most beautiful birth announcement 
that you've ever seen?!

*forgive the bush league photography, big daddy canon is on vaycay right now... iPhone will have to do. 
("siri? can you take any better pictures than this?" 
"i'm working with what i've got. stop complaining." um, ok.)

i'm a total whore for stationary, it must be said. 
this letterpress beauty stopped me in my tracks, and is one of those that i'll keep forever. 
no, really. 
that font! the heavy card stock! the amazing ikat liner! 
so classic yet modern; so them. so rinne.

turns out that callie, in addition to raising two gorgeous children (her son, rush, is one of the most delicious redheads you'll ever meet), also creates beautiful stationary like this for her company; hence, calliespondence. 
which means she can make some just as gorgeous for you!
she can make all your dreams come true.
(if, in fact, your dreams have to do with paper products, font, thermography, letterpress, envelope liners and the like.)

she is also, obviously, the subject of a severe ladycrush 
on my part!  
interview forthcoming. 

today also happens to be her 3rd wedding anniversary with brandon. 
happy anny, cal! i hope you have all the luxuries you deserve in order to celebrate:  a babysitter, champagne, truffles, filet, chocolate, violins, & agent provocateur.

(or some amazing takeout, eaten in your car overlooking piedmont park while the kids sleep in the backseat and zac brown band plays on the stereo. either way.)



  1. OH my goodness gracious, this is the sweetest post ever!! i am majorly blushing. SO glad you liked the announcement hon; as i said earlier you have FAB taste so your opinion means so much! thank you a million times over sweetie. MISS YOU! xoxo