Sunday, November 6, 2011

winter weekend getaway

fabulous friends invite you up to the chalet 
for a holiday weekend getaway?
you mustn't arrive empty-handed. 
a rustic, re-usable enviro-friendly satchel, 
packed to the rim with luxurious trim. 
flowers, wine, treats of all kinds; 
good for two-legged friends and four. 
a fancy game night in, by firelight's glow, is much more luxe when cuddled up with an hermes throw. 
some cozy slippers for him and for her and some sunflowers to brighten le chateau, will ensure this invite will happen again, and back to the slopes you'll soon go! 
winter weekend getaway



  1. Love ... No I'm kidding, Like you your blog

  2. i'm totally inviting you to my winter chalet for a weekend getaway. and a girl's night out.

  3. yay! i'm so there. :) Thank you for your sweet comments; they are truly appreciated! xo