Tuesday, November 15, 2011

all grown up: my first official giveaway!

remember this scene from sixteen candles?
specifically the second one. with the grandparents?

well today i'm feeling all "fred, she's gotten her boobies"...
cause i'm doing my first giveaway!

shabby apple contacted me about giving you fabulous readers some of their loot, and of course i was thrilled to oblige. 
so... without further ado, i give you...

the contest.

first, check out shabby apple
ooooooooooh. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. i know.
beautiful dressing with a conscience. 
what a concept, right?!

take a look at these beauties, 
and let me know which one you like best!
"you're all mad" purple or black suede cuff bracelet
 "poker face alice" bracelet
"dark secrets of wonderland" bracelet
"unlock the queen's castle" necklace
"through the looking glass" necklace

 "white rabbit's time keeper" necklace
"the queen's rose" pink cameo necklace
 "the duchess" b & w cameo necklace
 "lost in wonderland" green cameo necklace
"light as a feather" necklace
"key to wonderland" skeleton key necklace
"key to my heart" skeleton key necklace

so! which would you choose? 
(personally, i'm all about the bow tie cuff bracelet & the magnifying glass orb necklace. gorge.)

leave a comment here and like shabby apple on facebook to enter.
for multiple entries, follow them on twitter or follow their blog.

play fair; no hair pulling, taco punching, or throat chopping.


  1. I agree- the looking glass necklace is amazing! I also really like the green cameo necklace! What am I saying, they are all awesome!
    (PS- For some reason, I can not login using Man-nic. This is my old blog name.)

  2. Oh, wow!
    Yay for you! Yay Shabby Apple! What a delicious pairing!
    Light as a Feather is just lovely. Through the Looking glass and Poker Face Alice are also pretty wonderful. So, I choose d) all of the above. ;)
    Thank you!

  3. So hard to choose! They are all mollyicious! For some reason I'm drawn to the "light as a feather" necklace and "dark secrets of wonderland" bracelet. Maybe Kate and I can have joint custody of "light as a feather!"

  4. Poker face and light as a feather-crush on both

  5. i also follow them on twitter. great giveaway! thanks!

  6. I Personally love the through the looking glass necklace!

    I want it now!


    Rebecca June

  7. I'm a rock girl - its all about the dark secrets of wonderland....ooh and maybe the through the looking glass....ooh and MAYBE poker face alice bracelet...ok yeah its all great and I can't possibly choose a favourite.

  8. I love dark secrets of wonderland bracelet, white rabbit time keeper necklace, bow tie cuff bracelet, and both key necklaces. How do I choose just one!

  9. I thought I posted something but I don't see it...oops! Love the key necklace. xo!