Tuesday, November 8, 2011

back in time

one wouldn't likely consider dr. peter venkman 
the bureaucratic type.  
(i mean, c'mon, he rode in the ecto-1, not air force one.)

nor royal tenenbaum the very picture of a statesman.
("i know, but dammit, i want this [country] to love me. how much money you got?" wait. maybe he is.)

ernie, phil, bob, carl... none of these characters scream "presidential". 

our beloved bill murray is playing 
franklin delano roosevelt in the upcoming film 
hyde park on hudson
an adaptation of the bbc radio play
about the british king & queen's visit to roosevelt's vacation home in the summer of 1939. 
it was also the summer of love for good ol' fdr; 
he "allegedly" consummates his love for his cousin, 
margaret "daisy" suckley, played by laura linney. 

anyone else hear banjo music?

frankly, dear reader, i don't give a damn if mr. president was into some cousin-lovin'... 
as long as bill murray gets to play him! 

can you imagine?
so excited!

i adore films set in the past; the movie making magic that happens when locations meets wardrobe meets set-dressing... 
its my dream to work on movies from different eras throughout my career. peppered in between very successful years on long-running television shows, numerous vogue cover stories, world traveling as an ambassador for unicef, starting my own charity(ies? if there's time?!), raising my girls to be at least bi-lingual, having a totally hot yet momentous marriage... you know. easy.

i worked on an abc family film last year, and had so much fun being in costume; the sets were incredible, and the racks and racks of vintage clothes were such fun to go through in the wardrobe trailer! 

so fun. 
(and yes. i realize i look like i'm a respectable 50+ in the peach dress; i was told so, flat out, by a woman in her 50's herself. nice. i'm NOT, btw. but i don't care. it was awesome anyway!)

i can't wait to see hyde park on hudson; do you share my enthusiasm, or does this mr. president not raise your flag?



  1. i would watch bill murray take a shit in the street.

    you look cute as nuts.

    and dark lipstick makes everyone look old. that's why i never wear it.

  2. comments like this are (one of the many) reasons i love you, j. i miss your face. dammit.